Edgar: The Ultimate Assassin in Brawl Stars

With his high burst damage potential and exceptional mobility, Edgar lives up to his title as the ultimate assassin Brawler in Brawl Stars. This comprehensive guide delves into Edgar’s standout strengths across various game modes, top gadget and star power combinations, cool skins to unlock, and how to counter his lightning-quick attacks.

Overview of Edgar’s Abilities and Role

Edgar’s main attack, Sand slash, deals fast melee damage at close range. His true power comes from the super move Vault, allowing Edgar to leap onto enemies for devastating damage. For a few seconds after using his super, Edgar gains a major speed boost to chase down weakened foes. This makes Edgar an assassin-type Brawler who excels at surprise ambush attacks and quick takedowns.

Despite receiving minor nerfs recently, Edgar still claims a spot among the top Brawlers in Brawl Stars. According to 2023 tier list, Edgar ranks as a solid A-tier pick across most competitive game modes. In the right hands, Edgar can carry teams to victory through smart plays and calculated aggression.

Edgar’s Strengths in Various Game Modes

The hit-and-run nature of Edgar’s kit makes him well-suited for particular game modes and maps. Here are some of the best modes to select Edgar in:


In solo Showdown battle royales, Edgar thrives by ambushing weaker Brawlers, stealing their hard-earned power cubes, and snowballing in strength. Smaller maps with plenty of bushes and walls suit Edgar’s stealthy approach. The abundance of power cubes lying around gives Edgar easy sustenance to refuel his super.

A common Showdown tactic is to hide in a bush and build up Edgar’s super. When an unsuspecting victim walks nearby, Edgar pounces with his super for massive damage. After securing the kill, he uses his speed boost to zip away or chain kills onto another target. Through this high-risk, high-reward style, a skilled Edgar can overpower whole lobbies.


Bounty emphasizes picking off key enemy Brawlers to maximize stars earned per kill. As an assassin, Edgar is built to execute these types of precise takedowns. Focus on frequent small skirmishes where you can use Edgar’s super to delete squishier damage dealers or healers. This allows your team to gain an advantage in fights.

With Bounty matches lasting only a few minutes, Edgar can cycle his super quickly to constantly threaten enemies. You’ll need to exercise patience however – patience is key not to overextend when Edgar’s super is on cooldown.


This close-quarters game mode suits Edgar’s suicide dive tactics. After locking onto low health foes with your super, you can immediately recharge Vault on their next spawn. By chaining kills in this manner, you put immense pressure on enemies to avoid getting knocked out of the match. Savvy Edgar players can effectively carry teams here through raw kill power.

Optimizing Edgar’s Gadgets and Star Powers

To get the most lethal value out of Edgar, you need to choose gear that complements his daring playstyle:


Let’s Fly provides another mobility tool by granting Edgar brief flight. This expands your engagement and escape options. You can chase fleeing prey over water or gaps. Alternatively, activate when cornered to flee sticky situations.

Hardcore beefs up Edgar’s Vault super by adding a stun at the end. Enemies caught by the attack can’t fight back, ensuring easy kills for you. Hardcore makes Edgar more self-sufficient since you can lock targets down on your own.

Star Powers

Fisticuffs gifts Edgar constant healing whenever he damages foes with attacks. Staying healthy allows you to keep hunting for kills. The healing pairs wonderfully with Edgar’s speedy attack animation.

Hard Landing adds damage to Edgar’s super based on distance traveled before impact. It incentivizes you to activate Vault from clever angles and far away to smash unfortunate enemies for huge damage.


Super Charge reduces Edgar’s super charge time for every ammo bar he has loaded. This lets Edgar cycle Vault rapidly during fights for more surprise engages.

Shield gives Edgar a protective barrier when falling below 40% health, allowing him to avoid being bursted down. The shield buys you time to escape and regain health.

Top Edgar Skin Options

Alongside optimizing his kit, half the fun of playing Edgar comes from styling on enemies with slick skins. These are some of the best Edgar skins you can unlock:

Quickdraw Edgar – Channel your inner cowboy with this Wild West inspired skin. The poncho gives Edgar some Clint Eastwood flair. Custom voice lines and sand swirl effects on his main attack sell the Western gunslinger fantasy.

True Gold and True Silver Edgar – Nothing screams swagger more than these ultra prestige skins with special textures and animations. Sporting either skin tells enemies you mean business and have mastered Edgar’s abilities.

Doctor Edgar – This fun skin transforms Edgar into a “doctor” with hilarious voice lines about performing checkups on enemies. The Secret Agent-esque suit gives Edgar some extra charm too. Along with the medical kit animation when Edgar attacks, Doctor Edgar adds lots of personality.

Edgar’s Voice Lines and Sounds

Edgar’s attitude-filled voice lines match his disruptive abilities. Here are some notable voice lines to spam after getting kills:

“Too easy!” – Rub in your skill after simply outplaying an opponent

“Haha! YES!” – Gloat over defeating enemies through raw aggression

“I make this look gooood!” – Remind foes of your Brawl prowess

For sounds, you’ll often hear Edgar grunting fiercely in combat or yelling after chaining super kills. His voice actor delivers a perfect blend of intensity, humor, and a subtle accent in Edgar’s lines. These unique sounds add to the epic feeling when Edgar pulls off clutch plays.

Acquiring and Unlocking Edgar

Originally obtainable from Boxes, Edgar’s rarity and strength led developers to remove him from the normal Brawler pool. Now, buying Edgar with Gems or real money from the Shop is the only way to obtain this legendary fighter. At 169 Gems, Edgar comes just shy of the 170 Gem cost for most other legendaries.

For free-to-play players, accumulating enough Credits to purchase Edgar may take over two months depending on progression speed. Specifically, you’ll need 925 Credits which takes significant dedication to achieve. Once unlocked however, dominating the battlefield with Edgar makes the long grind worthwhile.

Edgar in Special Events and Game Modes

Aside from the modes Edgar shines in by default, he also makes appearances during certain special events. For example, Boss Fight features one juiced up “Boss” Brawler against a team of regular ones. Edgar’s constant DPS and sustain often makes him a popular pick here. You can steadily chip down tough Boss picks like Rosa or Frank. Edgar also works in the Boss role himself, able to crush groups of enemies solo.

In other objective-based modes like Siege and Heist, Edgar plays a more niche role. You generally want teammates with higher and more consistent damage than Edgar can provide. But he still finds occasional usefulness for quick safe kills in Heist or last-ditch defense tactics in Siege. Ultimately, outside of the prime modes and events mentioned earlier, Edgar works best as an explosive niche pick.

Countering Edgar’s High Burst Potential

Despite seeming oppressive when fed, Edgar does have counterplay options. Here are ways enemies can shut down or reduce his effectiveness:

High Health Tanks – Brawlers like Frank and Bull can absorb Edgar’s full all-in combo and still fight back. Avoid trying to assassinate them in vulnerable positions or you might suffer quick defeat. Instead, focus on their lower health teammates.

Long Range Damage – Sharpshooters like Piper and Brock who outrange Edgar force him to constantly dodge shots while looking for an opening. Maintaining distance and poking Edgar down keeps these Brawlers relatively safe.

Crowd Control Effects – Stuns from Frank’s super or slows from Lou’s attacks disrupt Edgar’s mobility, stopping him from chasing his desired targets. Additionally, knockbacks from the likes of Surge and Gale make it difficult for Edgar to land his full Vault damage.

In essence, Edgar struggles against grouped up teams that position together to deny isolation picks. Take advantage of his lack of area damage by forcing close-range teamfights. If Edgar ever overextends to try securing a lonely target, make him pay by collapsing onto his location.

Conclusion: Why Edgar Stands Out

From his daring super move to distinct Wild West flair, Edgar undoubtedly holds his own as a unique Brawler. His beastly early game damage can instantly remove enemies from contention while his mid to late game cleanup potential is immense. A single misstep against a skilled Edgar often leads to sudden defeat.

Despite direct and indirect nerfs, Edgar’s hardcore fans have kept him thriving in the meta through masterful decision making. His high skill ceiling offers great rewards for those able to navigate his risks. Landing the perfect ambush or chaining kills together indeed makes you feel unstoppable.

So for those seeking thrilling, playmaking characters, look no further than the undisputed assassin king of Brawl Stars – Edgar!