Spike Brawl Stars: The Legendary Cactus Sharpshooter

Spike is one of the most powerful yet overlooked Brawlers in Brawl Stars. His versatility and unique skillset allow him to adapt to various game modes and team compositions. This guide will analyze Spike’s skills and how to play him effectively.

Unlocking the Legendary Brawler

As a Legendary Brawler, Spike is difficult to unlock in Brawl Stars. You’ll need to collect all other Brawlers first to reach the Legendary tier in the Starr Road progression system. Once there, each Legendary Brawler costs 3800 Credits to unlock.

This means getting Spike requires a good amount of luck from Brawl Boxes and patience accumulating Credits. But the effort pays dividends, as few Brawlers can match Spike’s potential once mastered.

Spiky Skills: An Arsenal Breakdown

Spike’s main attack throws a cactus that deals damage on impact. Then it splits into 6 spike projectiles spreading in a fixed 60-degree pattern. This spike spread is great for hitting enemies around corners or checking bushes.

For his Super, Spike lobs a sticky grenade that detonates into more spikes over a wide area. Enemies caught inside are slowed and take heavy damage over time. Popping Pincushion, Spike’s Gadget, shoots spikes in all directions for extra burst damage.

Spike’s first Star Power, Fertilize, let’s him heal rapidly while inside his Super’s area. His second Star Power, Curveball, makes his spikes revolve in a circle for wider coverage.

Playing To Prick: Optimizing Spike Gameplay

Aim carefully with Spike’s main attack. Lead targets and utilize the fixed spike spread patterns to hit shots around cover. Hold your Super until enemies group up, then break them apart with the area denial.

Use Fertilize to control key areas and sustain yourself. Or Curveball provides zoning and makes Spike more threatening at range. Save Popping Pincushion to finish off weakened targets trying to escape.

Thorny Matchups: Countering Other Brawlers

Spike is strong against short range brawlers like Bull or Mortis. Keep them at bay with spikes and use gadget if they engage. Watch for assassins flanking your lane.

Low health brawlers like Dynamike can be bursted down quickly with Spike’s damage. Bait out their abilities then move in. Long range brawlers like Brock outrange Spike, so avoid open lanes or use gadget to close gaps.

Tanks like Frank aren’t safe either. Whittle them down with spikes and slow their approach with Super. Play patiently around their cooldowns.

Gearing Up: Best Builds and Loadouts

For damage, Shield Gear reduces Spike’s squishiness. Extra Noxious boosts his DoT effects. Speed Gear helps evade and Super Cycle gets more grenades.

As a debuff support, Slowing Toxin and Stunning gadget maximize crowd control. Damage and Resistance give sustainability.

For heal-focused play, Health Gear and Damage Gears let you stay in your Super longer. Fertilize keeps you going too.

Growing Your Skill: Advanced Techniques

A few expert Spike techniques include animation cancelling your attack right after it fires to shoot faster. Look to chain Supers together and lock down chokepoints when enemies are low after a fight.

Time your Popping Pincushion well to finish kills before enemies heal up or escape. And don’t forget to scout bushes with your spike spread!

Spike in the Meta: Current Standing

In the current meta, Spike is very strong, especially on more open maps. Stu and Tara outclass Spike in some modes, but he still sees frequent competitive play. With the right Star Powers and Gears, Spike can dominate.


Mastering Spike in Brawl Stars takes precision, positioning, and timing your abilities well. But the payoff is huge damage potential and excellent zone control. Use these tips to prick your way to victory with Spike! His versatile kit offers many ways to pressure enemies and turn the tide of battle in your favor.