The Ultimate Guide to Janet in Brawl Stars

Janet is a strong brawler in the video game Brawl Stars introduced in 2022. She has powerful attacks and abilities that make her a top pick for many game modes if used properly. This guide covers everything you need to know to master Janet.

An Introduction to Janet

Janet is a chromatic brawler unlocked through the Brawl Pass at tier 30 in Season 12. She fires focused sound waves for her main attack and takes to the skies with her jetpack super.

Janet is one of the best brawlers for maintaining control. Her long range attacks and ability to shoot over walls with her super allow her to zone enemies and lock down key areas of the map.

Janet’s Main Attack: High Note

Janet’s main attack is called High Note. She fires a music note that travels farther and focuses more the longer she charges it up.

The key to using Janet’s main attack is timing and positioning. Move Janet behind cover and peek out to fire off fully charged shots. The narrow attack is excellent for hitting enemies precisely.

Charge your shot when an enemy is approaching but not quite in range yet. Then pop out and release the focused note right as they enter your range. This catches them by surprise.

Janet’s Super Ability: Crescendo

Janet’s Crescendo super gives her a huge mobility and offensive advantage. She takes to the skies with her jetpack and can rain down shots on enemies below.

Use Janet’s super to grab control of chokepoints. Fly over walls that enemies are hiding behind and force them out of position.

The super is also great for escaping hairy situations. If you get cornered, pop your super to fly to safety over obstacles.

Crescendo lets Janet provide air support for her team. Initiate fights by flying above clustered enemies and unloading on them.

Janet’s Star Powers and How to Unlock Them

Janet has two star power options:

Stage View – Janet gains vision in bushes while her super is active. This helps her spot hiding enemies.

Counter Crush – Janet deals more damage to enemies using their supers. Great for shutting down enemy attacks.

You unlock star powers by upgrading Janet to power level 9, which costs 2000 coins. Janet’s star powers give her more versatility.

Janet’s Gadgets and How to Get Them

Janet has two gadgets added later after her release:

Recoil Spring – Janet fires her next shot instantly with no charge up time. Use to surprise enemies.

Drop the Bass – Janet creates a shockwave that deals damage and reveals bushes. Excellent for checking for hiding foes.

Gadgets unlock when Janet reaches power level 7. You can get gadgets for 1000 coins in the shop. They expand Janet’s toolkit.

Recommended Gears for Janet

These gears work best on Janet:

  • Damage – Gives Janet a boost when low on health so she can turn clashes around.
  • Speed – Makes Janet faster so she can better dodge and reposition.
  • Shield – The shield gear provides Janet with survivability.

Prioritize damage, speed, and shield gears to maximize Janet’s damage output and durability.

Strong Team Compositions With Janet

Janet works well with brawlers that can protect her and take advantage of her control. Good teammates include:

  • Otis – Otis can zone so Janet can charge her shots safely. His super also combos with Janet’s.
  • Poco – Poco heals Janet when she’s low and provides safety for her to attack from range.

Powerful Tips and Strategies for Janet

Here are some pro tips for getting more value from Janet:

  • Use walls and cover to safely charge her shots in poke battles.
  • Save your super to escape hairy situations instead of just using it to initiate.
  • Drop the Bass gadget can force hidden enemies out of bushes and disrupt healing.
  • Focus on controlling the mid and long range areas. Don’t get caught in close quarters.
  • Her super is great on more open maps for raining down damage on enemies.

How to Unlock Janet in Brawl Stars

Janet was available as the tier 30 reward on the Season 12 Brawl Pass. She could also be unlocked from boxes after that season ended.

As with any game character, she now can be unlocked if you get her in a box, via the shop for gems, or through future Brawl Passes she may return in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I prioritize upgrading Janet’s attack or super?

Focus on her main attack first since you’ll be using it more often. Upgrade her super after.

What game modes is Janet strong in?

She excels in Gem Grab and Bounty especially. She’s viable in most modes except very close range ones.

Is Janet easy to play?

Janet has a moderate skill cap. She’s not too hard to pick up but mastering her takes time.

Who counters Janet?

Brawlers that can close distance quickly like Mortis and Buzz counter her.

Janet is a top tier brawler with the right strategies. Use this guide to fully master her attacks, abilities, and matchups. She dominates with proper positioning and shot timing. Unlock her full potential and take your skills to the next level with these tips.