Mastering Leon, the Stealthy Assassin Brawler

Brawl Stars features over 30 characters with unique moves. Leon stands out as a stealthy assassin perfect for ambushing enemies. His abilities allow swift getaways and confusing foes. This guide covers everything about Leon – his moves, gadgets, skins and how to play him effectively.

Leon shoots sharp spinning blades that deal high damage at close range. With star powers augmenting his super and gadgets for cloning and healing, Leon dominates with quick strikes.

Leon’s Devastating Primary Attack

Leon equips four long blades for his primary Spinner Blades attack. At close range, all four blades strike a target for high damage. The attack covers a wide area, enabling hits on multiple brawlers.

The blades reach far but deal reduced damage at range. Get near enemies to inflict maximum pain. Aim carefully to land all blades during ambushes. With Leon’s slower reload speed, make shots count.

Activating Leon’s Smoke Bomb Special

Leon’s super move creates a smoke bomb granting six seconds of invisibility. During this time, Leon can roam undetected unless an enemy closes within four tiles.

Use the smoke bomb to sneak behind enemies and unload Spinner Blade attacks. Retreat with the bomb active to escape confrontations. With mastery, trick foes by turning invisible repeatedly.

Maximizing Leon’s Clone Projector Gadget

Leon’s clone gadget produces an identical decoy that rushes toward the nearest enemy. The clone disappears after ten seconds or when destroyed.

Deploy a clone to draw enemies from bushes and expose their location. Its attack dash also interrupts brawlers, allowing the real Leon to follow up. Hold the clone until an optimum ambush opportunity arises.

Harnessing Leon’s Lollipop Drop Gadget

Dropping a lollipop generates invisible turf in a radius where Leon and allies hide from foes. Enemies that wander into the area still detect Brawlers inside. The zone disappears when placing another lollipop.

Use the ability near contested objectives like Gem Mines. Make a sneak attack when overconfident enemies enter the hidden zone. Communicate with teammates to leverage the tactical advantage.

Augmenting Stealth with Smoke Trails Star Power

Upon reaching power level 9, Leon unlocks two game-changing star powers. Smoke Trails boosts his movement speed by 30% for the smoke bomb’s duration.

Activating Smoke Trails after the super enables Leon to escape and chase down targets with ease. The combined smoke screen and swiftness facilitate terrifying ambushes.

Sustaining Health with Invisiheal Star Power

Leon’s other star power, Invisiheal, grants him 1000 health per second during the smoke bomb regardless of taking damage.

Even amidst enemies, Leon regains huge chunks of health while invisible. Invisiheal empowers riskier infiltration behind lines to quickly assassinate priority threats.

Gameplay Tips and Tricks for Leon

  • Activate and deactivate the smoke bomb in bushes to mislead pursuers. Enemies struggle to track Leon’s location.
  • Check bushes and areas safely by sending clone scouts first. If the clone gets destroyed, enemies are nearby.
  • Save ammo instead of wasting shots at max range. Leon’s slower reload leaves him vulnerable.
  • Build tactics and communication with allies to exploit the hidden space from Lollipop Drop.
  • Chain super speed from Smoke Trails and turn invisible again to fully disengage fights.

Leon Skins for Stylish Ambushes

Leon unlocks aesthetic skins including Werewolf, Shark, and Sally Leon. The True Gold and True Silver skins cost the most Star Points to unlock.

Each skin features unique visual effects, animations, and sounds. For example, Sally Leon equips a gingerbread cookie blade. Certain skins like Werewolf Leon better complement Leon’s sneak attacks—and strike more fear when ambushing.