Chester: The Trickster Legendary Brawler in Brawl Stars

Chester is a new Brawl Stars character known for his trickster personality and unpredictable battling style. With moderate health and variable damage output, Chester keeps his opponents guessing every step of the way. His random Supers and array of gadgets make him a formidable Legendary Brawler.

Appearance and Personality

Sporting a harlequin outfit and jester hat with bells, Chester’s appearance matches his troublesome temperament. He loves vicious fun and gets under his enemies’ skin, especially his top hater Mandy. Chester throws insults and pulls pranks trying to provoke reactions. The more hate directed his way, the better he feels.

Chester’s Brawler Rarity and Classification

As a Legendary Brawler, Chester boasts special traits that set him apart from Common, Rare, Super Rare, Epic and other Brawlers. He has a moderate health level allowing him to take some hits. His bells deal variable damage depending on factors like distance and how many connect. This unpredictability suits Chester’s trickery.

Chester’s Primary Method of Attack

Chester’s main attack is Cap and Bells. He cycles through shooting 1, 2, or 3 bells in sequence from the cap on his head. The bells fly straight forward dealing damage on impact. Only Chester’s attack sequence progresses after each shot, not the number of bells thrown. So precise timing matters when battling with him.

The Trickster’s Unique Trait and Random Supers

Chester’s trademark trait revolves around his randomly selected Jack in the Box Super. He receives a different Super ability every time his Super meter gets filled. Until then, the type stays hidden adding mystery. Chester might dish damage, stun enemies, heal himself or employ other powers. Gadget use and battle events also shuffle his unknown Super keeping the trickery going all match.

Details on Chester’s Five Potential Super Abilities

Let’s review the five Super possibilities Chester might receive and what each does during battle:

Candy Popper

This explosive candy throws over obstacles then detonates knocking back enemies and destroying nearby blocks. Any Brawler caught in the blast radius receives damage.


Firing a large candy boxing glove, this Super stuns victims for 1 full second preventing movement or attacks. It travels in a straight line like Chester’s bells.


When this Super activates, Chester sprays salty powder in a medium-sized cone pattern. Any opponents touched suffer periodic poison damage over 7 seconds chipping away health.

Pop Rocks

Chester creates crackling pop rocks in a circle around himself. If enemies enter or stand in the area, they receive slowing effects and repeated damage for 10 whole seconds.

Strong Mint

After a slight delay, this Super heals Chester over 3 seconds keeping him at peak battling capacity. It restores health only not temporary boosts from Power Cubes or Gears.

Chester’s Two In-Game Gadgets for Getting Advantages

Along with random offensive and defensive Supers, Chester equips Gadgets providing more variability and utility:

Spicy Dice

When activated, this gadget randomly changes Chester’s preloaded Super to something different adding surprise. Saving and using it just before the next Super meters up retains some control.

Candy Beans

These mystery beans gift short-term buffs when eaten. Chester might receive faster speed or reload, increased damage, or gradual health regeneration over 5 seconds.

Star Powers Expanding Chester’s Abilities

As with all Brawlers, Chester unlocks Star Powers at higher Power levels. They give him new facets improving attacks or traits.

Bell ‘O’ Mania

This Star Power adds a 4th bell attack sequence further boosting Chester’s damage output. Rather than maxing at 3 bells, he can now shoot 4 at once in a spreading pattern.

Sneak Peek

Normally Chester’s upcoming random Super stays hidden while charging. But Sneak Peek reveals it early so players can plan strategy or Gadget use in advance if needed.

Strategies and Tips for Playing Chester

Approaching battles with Chester requires different tactics than straightforward Brawlers since his abilities shuffle randomly. Here are tips to handle his changeable nature:

  • If you forget the next bell attack sequence, check the spread pattern as a reminder.
  • Get close to enemies to connect all bells on the 3 and 4 shot attacks.
  • Use Candy Beans speed boost or Jawbreaker stun to approach distant enemies.
  • Bell ‘O’ Mania’s 4th bell attack handles high health Brawlers better.
  • Candy Popper distances close enemies without knocking them too far back to hit.
  • In special modes with respawns like Knockout, Chester can turn 1v3 situations with his varied Supers.
  • Fire individual bells first when spawning so the wider spreads hit multiple enemies.

Recommended Gears and Setups

To optimize Chester’s randomness, we suggest equipping:

  • Candy Beans Gadget for buffs
  • Bell ‘O’ Mania Star Power for extra bells
  • Shield and Damage Gears to improve survivability and pain dealt

He excels as a last pick in Power League to counter unknown enemy teams. Chester and his bag of tricks keep foes guessing!

Final Thoughts

With an eccentric trickster personality and diverse unpredictable battle options, Chester make a fun and compelling new Brawl Stars Legendary Brawler. He keeps opponents on edge never knowing what random Super or equip abilities might appear next from this master prankster.