Apex Legends Packs: How to Check the Number You’ve Opened

Apex Legends runs on a pack system that rewards players with cosmetics and currency through Apex packs. As you play, you’ll earn packs over time by leveling up, completing Battle Passes, and through limited-time events. One of the rarest items in Apex Legends are heirloom shards, which are used to unlock unique melee weapon skins called heirlooms. You are guaranteed to get heirloom shards after opening 500 packs.

In this guide, we’ll explain how you can check the number of Apex packs you’ve opened across your account lifetime. We’ll also cover the latest news and updates around Apex Legends packs.

Understanding Apex Packs

Apex packs contain random cosmetic items and come in different rarities. The rarities include:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic

Apex packs are earned by:

  • Leveling up
  • Battle Passes
  • Events, quests
  • Purchases

Now let’s look at why tracking your Apex packs matters.

Why Track Your Apex Packs

There are a few key reasons to track the Apex packs you earn:

  • Monitor heirloom shard progress
  • See packs earned from various sources
  • Make informed purchase decisions

Checking Your Profile Level

The first way to estimate opened packs is to check your Profile level under your Banner.

As your Profile level increases, you earn free Apex packs:

Profile Level RangePack Earning Rate
Level 2 – 201 pack every 2 levels
Level 22 – 3001 pack every 5 levels
Level 305+1 pack every 10 levels

So at Profile level 15 for example – you’ve likely earned about 7 packs from leveling up.

Tracking Battle Pass Packs

If you complete Battle Passes in Apex Legends, you earn 14 packs each season. Go back and look at previous passes to see exactly how many pack rewards you unlocked based on your tier reached per season.

Daily Treasure Pack History

Daily Treasure Packs are earned by completing the first daily quest available. You can find the total earned under Daily Treasure Pack Statistics.

This shows your all-time total, which results in additional seasonal pack rewards based on milestones.

Estimating Event/Quest Packs

Estimate if you completed “most” or “half” of a particular limited-time event or quest when tallying up totals. It won’t be perfect but will prevent them being missed entirely.

Handling Store Purchases

Keep a separate tally of any Apex packs bought directly from the store as these don’t count toward the 500 pack shard limit. Maintain a note with dates/quantity per purchase for accuracy.

Reviewing Your Pack Checklist

Compile data points into one Apex Pack checklist:

  • Profile level packs
  • Battle Pass packs
  • Daily Treasure packs
  • Estimated event/quest packs
  • Separate purchased packs

Tally totals from each source to get your lifetime amount. Use a spreadsheet and routinely update whenever more are earned.

Connecting Accounts for Accuracy

Manually combine totals from all linked platforms or connect accounts with Cross-Progression to unite progress into one tally for full accuracy.

Understanding the 500 Pack Limit

Once you tally lifetime packs opened, check your position relative to the 500 pack guarantee:

  • 500 packs opened = guaranteed heirloom shards
  • Only opened packs count towards progression
  • Collection event packs don’t count
  • Purchased packs don’t count

Utilizing the Heirloom Calculator

Use an heirloom calculator to estimate your timeframe for hitting 500 packs based on current standing. Calculators provide a simpler approach compared to manual tracking but may not be as accurate.

Apex Legends Packs – Latest News and Updates

Now that we’ve covered the key methods for checking your opened Apex packs, let’s discuss some of the latest news and changes around packs in Apex Legends.

Crafting Metal Rework

In a recent September patch, Respawn updated how crafting metals are earned from Apex packs in order to provide more value:

  • Crafting metals are guaranteed in every non-event pack
  • Rare drops increased from 15 to 25 metals
  • Epic drops increased from 35 to 50 metals

This change makes leveling up and earning packs more consistently rewarding.

Battle Pass Update

Starting in Season 15, Respawn reduced the number of packs that could be earned from Battle Passes down from 14 to 5 packs per pass.

Their intent was to help limit inflation on how quickly players amass total packs opened. This resulted in some backlash but ultimately is part of their efforts to maintain the heirloom shard guarantees.

Shop Rotations

The items available in the direct purchase shop now rotate on a weekly basis instead of daily. Discounted gold bundles with more value are also now cycled into the offerings.

This gives you more flexibility if interested in buying pack bundles when they appear – taking advantage of sales pricing.

Collection Event Changes

Collection events now feature a new Prestige skin that can only be unlocked if you collect all 24 event-limited cosmetics during the event. This incentivizes buying all event packs but has faced criticism over FOMO tactics.

Additionally, collection events now reward you with 150 heirloom shards instead of a predetermined heirloom weapon if you collect all 24 event items. This lets you pick which heirloom you want after completion rather than receiving a random one.

Stay tuned for more news on what Store and event updates are still to come!