Greed Monger Doubles Its Kickstarter Goal

Ambitious project Greed Monger, a “Sandbox PC/MAC/Linux MMORPG” has managed to double its Kickstarter goal, raising over 60 thousand dollars for its development. The game will be free to play and focus on “crafting, economics and politics” Sounds serious. Here is the full project description:

“Inspired by the likes of Ultima Online, Greed Monger will bring back elements of true MMORPG Gaming since been lost in the corporate watering down of this formerly exciting genre, which many of us have been missing for years such as Non-Instanced Player Housing, Rares Dealing, Sand Box Style Skill Variety and much more.

Though Free To Play, Greed Monger will be financially supported by means of a Land Ownership System whereby players will be able to purchase Land Parcels for a price of $20 each for a maximum of 4 parcels per player (Parcel Limit Not Enforced During Kickstarter Campaign Only). These parcels of land will be used by players to build their housing which they will decorate with items they craft themselves. *(Land Parcel Ownership Conditions) If a player ever decides to leave Greed Monger, they will be able to sell their Estates through our Estate Auction Service of which we will take 15% of the final sale to transfer ownership rights to another player.”

Here is a link to the game’s Kickstarter page, where you can learn more about it, including a list of planned features and extra goals if you want to support it.