The Strategic Game of Bejeweled

Bejeweled is a classic example of an embedded or an extrinsic game, and pretty much played or downloaded by every gamer either by mobile phone or online in some form (that I know anyhow). It paves way for its players to engage in fun and frolic, reinforcing learning in the process. Some of the quintessential strategies adopted by games like such include drag and drop, a countdown, matching tokens and trivia.

The unswerving enterprise of this fabulous game is to promptly interchange the paired gems with a steady aim to create sets of three or more. The sparkly game board screen has a grid of gems arranged in eight rows by eight columns. To start off, exchange gems with adjacent ones on the board to form lines of three or more. When a match is sorted, the matched gems disappear, to allow gems from above to set into the board. To create a powerful special gem, attempt to create a match of four or more gems. Bejeweled can be primarily played on two different modes. The first is the classic mode where the game shall end if you have no more possible moves available and the second being the speed mode wherein the game shall end when your time is finished.

For one to have to play online, the keyboard maneuvers of this game are fairly simple to even to those not technologically savvy. Following a click and drag assembly using the four direction keys, playing this wonderful game is almost a fairy play, nothing to be made a meal of. To don another five stars to your exciting gaming experience, special gems expeditiously come into play. Match four or more gems to unlock the gem of flames. This special gem shall blast off exploding itself taking eight surrounding gems with it, giving you an added leverage. Next to follow are the in despicable hypercubes, actualized after a match of five or more gems. Hypercubes can be plainly paired to any parallel gem regardless of shape or colour, destroying all gems of the type on board. Next in line are Star gems drawn by trailing a T or an L shaped game match which went unraveled will abort gems in all four directions in its path. And finally the Supernova remains to be unveiled by making a super line of six similar gems. You will inevitably chance to view a cascade which is the process of having new gems fall into grid when you match two or more. In all attainability, fallen gems themselves match others in the grid as soon as they land.

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