Splatoon 3: The Ultimate Guide to the Newest Shooter on Nintendo Switch

Splatoon 3 brings fresh updates and teases future content to get fans hyped. From the latest Splatfest results to a major update coming on December 1st, there’s plenty to unpack. We’ll also speculate on what 2023 has in store for the hit Nintendo Switch title.

Team Handshake narrowly took the victory over Team Fist Bump and Team Hug in the recent Splatfest. Despite losing the popularity vote 47.91% to 31.57%, Handshake dominated the all-important Pro and Tricolor battles. Their strong performances in these modes let them clinch the Splatfest trophy.

For the first time, Japan held an independent Splatfest with its own topic separate from other regions. Players debated red bean treats ultimately picking Team Frye over Team Mush. It split the playerbase but brought welcome variety. The impact on future regional Splatfests has fans theorizing.

Examination of First Regional Splatfest Split

Splatfest regions split for the first time in Splatoon 3. Japan determined the name of a red bean treat seperate from the global handshake vs fist bump vs hug event.

Team Frye won the Japan-exclusive Splatfest with their name for the red bean treats. It gave Japanese fans a tailored topic catering to their culture.

How will this impact future Splatfests? We may see more independent regional topics rather than uniform ones across all areas. It lets Nintendo better appeal to different countries.

Regional splits also reduce the impact of time zones. No longer does one region finishing matches early potentially influence other regions still battling. Expect more segmentation for fairness.

Splatoon 3 Heads into Chill Season 2023

Winter draws near in Splatsville. Chill Season 2023 brings festive garb plus the return of the Frosty Fest. A Salmon Run mode featuring frosty terrain and enemies also arrives just in time for the holidays.

Frosty Fest dresses characters in fuzzy earmuffs, scarves, and mittens. Players can expect snow-covered stages too. It comes as a welcome cold front after autumn’s spooky themes.

Salmon Run receives new holiday foes to splat like the icy Glaceon and Frigimon bosses. Their frozen attacks raise the challenge earning rewards. Expect slick surfaces making for chaotic Run sessions through December.

Major Update Coming December 1st

December 1st sees the Chill Season 2023 update launch bringing quality-of-life fixes and content.

New winter weapon sets let you battle in style plus fresh headgear, clothes, and shoes. Snow-themed decor enters the catalog as well to really set the mood.

Improvements to matchmaking should make playing with friends easier. Further adjustments provide better skill-based pairing also.

It keeps the game feeling fresh right in time for the holidays. Expect more tweaks and additions as 2023 continues too.

Teases for Big Run Mode Have Fans Speculating

Big Run remains shrouded in mystery but teases hint at something big. Many theorize it to be larger scale Salmon Run with epic bosses.

Hints point to special enemies and weapons only available during the infrequent Big Run event. This spices up the typical Salmon Run formula dramatically.

Rumors suggest Big Run may even determine future Splatfest topics. Its success could see whatever big baddie appears become an iconic fixture for Splatfests down the line.

There are still more questions than answers but the speculation builds hype. All will be revealed when Big Run inevitably launches in 2023.

Balancing Changes Shake Up the Meta

Recent patches adjust weapons and gear abilities to shake up the turf war meta. Certain main abilities and specials faced tweaks in the effort to balance winning match rates across the board.

Weapons like the Nautilus 47 and Tenta Sorella Brella jumped as their kits got buffed. Expect them as mainstays now. Things like Trizooka and Wave Breaker specials took slight hits reeling their dominance in.

Special charge up, ink resistance, and bomb defense all took small effects too. What rises up next patch? The game stays dynamic keeping everyone on their toes.

Splatoon 3 Championships Announced for 2023

Major Splatoon 3 tournament action is slated for 2023. The championship boasts pools and brackets for teams to battle through for supremacy.

Qualification matches are already underway. Expect skill levels and popularity to determine higher seeded teams as the championship builds.

Who takes the throne? With Flounders Heights dismantled, new rosters look to stake their claim.

Second Splatfest Rematch Confirmed for 2023

A previous winning Splatfest team sees a new challenger in 2023. This rematch brings the added intrigue of shifts in popularity since the original.

New players unfamiliar with the old result may vote differently. And the Splatfest team that originally lost gets a shot at redemption.

Rematches keep things fresh especially for longtime fans. And the tweaks in format allow different outcomes adding drama. All eyes are on which classic Splatfest matchup gets picked.

Additional Story Content Rumored for Next Year

Many fans beat Splatoon 3’s single-player story mode already. But word is that 2023 brings added story content expanding the lore of the world. Leaks and datamines provide hints.

Unused dialogue and character models point to additional levels focused around the idols Frye and Shiver. Their past friendship and falling out promises meaty narrative.

References to travel across Splatville tease more environments. And unused boss files suggest Big Run may drive story progress when it launches. More narrative would be welcome to flesh out questions fans still have unanswered.

The Future Remains Bright for Splatoon Fans

Constant content refreshes make Splatoon 3 an evergreen title with a bright future in 2023 and beyond. The solid play experience and charming style endear new fans daily too.

Between new modes, weapons, balancing, story, and Splatfest remixes there’s always something exciting around the corner. And the developers continuously support the game well beyond launch.

Strong online communities sprout as a result. Friends connect regularly through Splatoon keeping player numbers healthy. Expect the active, passionate playerbase to stick around squidding into 2023 confidently.

So stay tuned for all the latest on Splatoon 3 updates and news ahead here!