Lovesac StealthTech and Xbox Join Forces for an Exclusive Cyber Monday Gaming Experience

The Lovesac Company is teaming up with Xbox again this Cyber Monday. Together, they aim to revolutionize gaming by combining surround sound technology and wireless charging into Lovesac’s signature adaptable couch designs. 

This collaboration drops an exclusive deal for Cyber Monday shoppers. Those who buy a qualifying StealthTech sound system from Lovesac will score a free Xbox Series S console and digital copies of Forza Motorsport and Starfield. Keep reading to learn more about this launch and the innovations Lovesac is bringing to level up your gaming.

Introducing the Lovesac and Xbox Collaboration

Lovesac and Xbox are launching their second collaboration to fuse high-tech entertainment with next-level comfort. Their exclusive Cyber Monday offer aims to showcase the immersive gaming experience created by Lovesac StealthTech surround sound paired with Xbox consoles and games.

This team up focuses on the proprietary StealthTech system Lovesac developed to revolutionize home audio for gaming and movies. By integrating invisible, immersive sound directly into Lovesac’s signature Sactionals couches, StealthTech delivers a truly engaging experience.

The Ultimate Gaming Experience 

Together, Lovesac and Xbox are redefining what it means to game at home. Lovesac StealthTech surround sound allows you not just to hear but actually feel gameplay happening around you. At the same time, Xbox provides cutting-edge titles to match the intensity of the audio. Playing intense Xbox games like Resident Evil would be a blast. 

By building wireless charging capabilities directly into the adaptable Sactionals couches, Lovesac also ensures your Xbox controller is always topped off. This means no scrambling for batteries in the middle of an intense multiplayer match. The collaboration aims to create the ultimate, most comfortable at-home gaming environment possible.

Cyber Monday StealthTech Speaker System Bundle

The flagship launch special for this Lovesac x Xbox team-up is the Cyber Monday bundle offer. Shoppers who purchase a qualifying StealthTech surround sound system through Lovesac’s website during Cyber Week will receive a free Xbox Series S console. 

The 512GB all-digital Xbox Series S usually retails for $299 on its own. On top of that, Lovesac is also throwing in free digital copies of two hotly anticipated Xbox titles – Forza Motorsport and Starfield. With the games bundled in, buyers score over $450 in total value while supplies last.

In-Store Xbox Gaming Previews  

Fans attending in-person events at select Lovesac showrooms will get to experience the hype firsthand too. Participating showrooms have Xbox gaming previews on display to showcase how StealthTech surround sound enriches games.

Visitors to these locations can take in immersive Xbox gameplay demos with surround sound built into the furniture. This offers a taste of the innovations Lovesac is introducing around high-fidelity audio for next-gen gaming.

Excitement From Lovesac and Xbox

In a quote about the collaboration, Lovesac Founder and CEO Shawn Nelson said, “We are stoked to be teaming up with Xbox once again for the holiday season. We believe in creating unbeatable experiences for our customers, and working alongside Xbox has allowed us to showcase StealthTech Sound + Charge like never before.”

This thinking aligns with Lovesac and Xbox’s joint mission for this launch: utilize cutting-edge innovations to transform traditional gaming. By pairing adaptable, comfortable couches with immersive surround sound and exciting new titles, this collaboration aims to bring fans even closer to their favorite games.  

Revolutionizing Gaming With StealthTech 


At the core of this offering are Lovesac’s innovations around high-quality sound. The proprietary StealthTech Sound + Charge technology completely revolutionizes audio inside adaptable couch designs.

StealthTech achieves immersive, theater-like surround sound by embedding new speaker components straight into Lovesac’s Sactionals couch pieces. This invisible integration preserves the flexible modularity fans expect from Sactionals while eliminating the need for intrusive external speakers to take up space.

On top of the advanced audio, StealthTech also enables intuitive wireless device charging. By simply placing your Xbox controller down on specifically designed areas of the couch, embedded tech takes care of charging it for you. This keeps your gear powered up without interrupting the game.  

The Big NYC Gaming Event 

To celebrate this special crossover, Lovesac has also organized an exclusive NYC gaming event. Popular gaming personality Hew Moran will be livestreaming from Lovesac’s showroom on Columbus Ave, offering fans a first-hand view of StealthTech in action. 

Viewers can tune in on Moran’s YouTube channel or attend in person from 3pm to 7pm ET on Cyber Monday. While putting top Xbox titles through their paces on the adaptable Sactionals couches, Moran and viewers at home will experience how StealthTech surround sound adds thrilling new dimensions.

More On Lovesac’s Innovations

Beyond StealthTech and the signature Sactionals line with its adaptable modular pieces, Lovesac also produces other category-leading home furniture offerings. This includes its ultra-plush Sacs seating and emphasis on responsible manufacturing.

Lovesac’s Sacs uses proprietary foam-filling materials to achieve best-in-class comfort. Like Sactionals, they come in a range of durable, machine-washable covers to suit any décor.

As recipient of Repreve’s Champions of Sustainability Award, Lovesac also stands out through environmental initiatives. The company aims to build products geared to last while pioneering responsible production methods.

Lovesac protects many proprietary technologies like StealthTech through registered utility patents. With over 250 patents granted, Lovesac continues pushing innovations around high-tech modular furniture.

Cyber Monday Offer Details

Don’t miss the chance to take advantage of Lovesac’s Xbox bundle offer this holiday season. The exclusive promotion covers purchases made through from November 27th at 11:59pm PST on December 3rd, 2023. It cannot be applied retroactively to previous orders.

To qualify, shoppers must include a StealthTech Sound + Charge system in their cart. Subject to inventory availability, this will add the free gifts of an Xbox Series S console plus Forza Motorsport and Starfield digital downloads to complete the $450+ value package.

Lovesac’s special financing offers can be stacked on this deal. However, the promotion cannot combine with other percentage-based Lovesac discounts like Heroes or Refer-a-Friend savings. See Lovesac’s full terms and conditions for additional details before ordering.