Honkai Star Rail 1.6 Update: Release Date, Banners, and More

The upcoming Version 1.6 update for the popular anime-style RPG Honkai Star Rail promises exciting new content and changes. This article offers a comprehensive preview.

We expect the Honkai Star Rail 1.6 release between December 20 and December 27, 2023. MiHoYo has not confirmed an official date, but this update typically arrives three weeks after the prior version.

Version 1.6 introduces anticipated new characters Xueyi, Dr. Ratio, and Ruan Mei with their own featured banners. Fan favorites Kafka and Blade may also return in rerun banners.

New Playable Characters

Xueyi uses a bow and ice powers in battle. Her banner weapons and stigmata likely boost Cryo DMG. We lack details on her Elemental Skill and Burst.

The mysterious Dr. Ratio is Geo. He wields a claymore, indicated by his stocky frame. We await leaks revealing his abilities and optimal builds.

Ruan Mei is an Electro polearm user with high ATK SPD, suited for an on-field DPS role. Her C1 and signature weapon greatly empower her normal and charged attacks.

Returning Character Banners

The Blade and Kafka banners may comeback in Version 1.6. Kafka was last featured over 8 months ago, while Blade’s last rate-up was in March.

Many players skipped Blade and Kafka before. Their banners reappearing lets newcomers grab these meta picks and lets veterans pursue constellations.

New Simulated Universe Curios

Curios are equipable items providing small bonuses. Version 1.6 should add 12 new Curios focused on boosting Elemental Mastery (EM).

These Curios each offer varying EM, with secondary stats like ATK, CRIT, or ER. Having enough Curios unlocks Simulated Universe achievements.

Obtain Curios from Kommune coatings, events, limited-time quests, or the Passenger Battle Pass. Prioritize Curios suiting your playstyle when possible.

Light Cones

Light Cones are unique character abilities gradually unlocked through ascensions or constellations. The Version 1.6 characters receive new Light Cones detailed below.

Xueyi’s C4 Light Cone makes foes within her burst take more Cryo DMG. Enemies affected by Cryo additionally have their DEF lowered by 15%.

Leaks indicate Dr. Ratio’s C2 Light Cone generates a Geo shield for nearby allies when he uses his Elemental Burst. At talent level 10, this shield absorbs DMG equal to 16% of his max HP.

Ruan Mei’s C4 Light Cone increases party members’ ATK based on her SPD at talent level 10. This buff lasts 8s and has 2 stacks, each raising ATK by 20% of Ruan’s SPD.

New Game Mode: Pure Fiction

Pure Fiction is a roguelike endless challenge. Defeat waves of enemies racing against the clock to set high scores for rewards.

Players can choose buffs before starting. Useful options include ATK/DEF increases, starting SPD ups, and extra item drops.

Pure Fiction has a shop to spend points earned through playing. It offers materials, currencies, outfit vouchers, and two Lumocrystal colors.

Completing Stage 2 unlocks Lynx. This new free character is a dedicated healer with continuous regeneration and ATK buffing abilities.

Other Additions

Version 1.6 brings expected game improvements and new outfits beyond the major updates highlighted above.

Planned quality-of-life changes involve UI tweaks, inventory expansions, and Kommune item crafting additions.

Outfits may arrive for Xueyi, Dr. Ratio, Kafka, and Blade. Ruan Mei receives an outfit with special animations.

We anticipate login event rewards, web events, and a limited-time combat challenge event as usual.

The Road Ahead

Honkai Star Rail’s first 2023 update enables players to ring in the new year with highly anticipated characters, outfits, and combat content.

The Pure Fiction endless mode also brings fresh challenges. Veterans and new Travelers alike find much to enjoy.

For the latest official news, follow the official Honkai Star Rail social media accounts. MiHoYo will share more details as the release date nears.