Brawl Stars Tier List: Ranking All Brawlers (November 2023)

With over 70 brawlers now in Brawl Stars, it can be tough to know which ones perform best. This tier list ranks all brawlers based on the current meta in November 2023.

Recent balance changes and new brawlers like Charlie have shaken things up. So we’ve judged each brawler equally across all game modes to create a definitive tier list.

S-Tier Brawlers Dominate the Battlefield

S-tier brawlers have the perfect blend of damage, durability and abilities. They excel in most teams and modes, while being hard to counter.

The top 10 OP brawlers are Charlie, Chuck, Buster, Pearl, Hank, Doug, Cordelius, R-T, Jacky and Maisie.

Charlie deals high damage, has a strong super and good mobility. Chuck has insane health, can block shots and deal damage while protected.

Buster dishes out extreme damage up close. Pearl has a powerful splash attack and can fly over water. Hank has great range, area damage and can heal himself.

Doug speeds up allies, splits his shots and has a shield star power. Cordelius does consistent damage and provides a damage-boosting super.

R-T is a menace up close with high health, a charging super and healing gadgets. Jacky has very high health, deals damage through obstacles and can stun groups with her super.

Lastly, Maisie has a bouncing attack, pulls enemies together and gets a protective shield when low on health.

A-Tier Brawlers Are Still Strong Picks

A-tier brawlers are top picks, just slightly below S-tier in power level. Their abilities and playstyles give them an edge.

Willow, Sandy, Nita, Meg, Eve, Sam, Rosa, Mr. P, Griff, Frank and others have the tools to dominate.

Willow has high damage attacks that split and bounce off walls. Sandy can go invisible and put enemies to sleep. Nita summons a powerful bear companion.

Meg transforms into a high health mech with devastating area damage. Eve summons clones to overwhelm enemies. Sam has lifesteal, speed boosts and clone spawning.

Rosa shields herself while dealing increased damage at short range. Mr. P spawns porters and has a revolving door super.

Griff has flexible attacks, HP boosts and a damaging super jump. Frank is a heavyweight tank that can stun groups.

B-Tier Brawlers Get The Job Done

While not top tier, B-brawlers are well-rounded and decent picks. They perform better with good teammates to enable them.

Their abilities are straightforward without advanced techniques needed. B-tier includes Gene, Leon, Lola, Penny, Gus, Chester and more.

Gene pulls enemies together for burst damage. Leon can go invisible and shred enemies up close. Lola cycles through ego forms with varying attacks.

Penny has a cannon turret for added damage. Gus throws toxic drinks and boosts damage after supering.

Chester marks enemies so allies do extra damage to them. Other B-tiers like Amber, Fang and Darryl have their situational uses too.

C-Tier Brawlers Have Noticeable Flaws

C-tier brawlers are below average with clear weaknesses holding them back. But they aren’t totally useless either.

Their abilities require skill to use properly. And they need strong teammates to overcome their limitations.

Ruffs, Belle, Squeak, Gale, Buzz, Colt, Rico, El Primo and more occupy the C-tier.

Ruffs’ powerup boosts allies but he lacks damage himself. Belle is a sniper with low health. Squeak struggles to land hits with his explosions.

Gale and Buzz have abilities that displace enemies, but their damage is mediocre. Rico and Colt dish out damage but are predictable.

D-Tier Brawlers Have Severe Weaknesses

D-tier brawlers don’t offer much compared to others. While not completely flawed, their potential is limited.

Dynamike struggles with low HP and is easily countered. Tick is overly reliant on his turrets. Mortis has trouble securing kills.

They can still work in the right situations. But often their weaknesses overshadow their strengths.

F-Tier Brawlers Are Least Effective Now

At the bottom of the tier list are F-tier brawlers. They currently have ineffective abilities and no meta relevance.

Byron’s healing isn’t enough to compensate for low damage. Barley’s attacks are too easily avoided.

Of course, this tier list represents the current meta in November 2023. As balance changes and new brawlers arrive, the rankings will shift over time.

Don’t forget, player skill and having the right gaming tools matter hugely too. In the right hands, even lower-tier brawlers can thrive. Use this list as a general guide when choosing your fighter!