Your Reintroduction to the World of BioShock 2

There’s a handful of much anticipated games just waiting to empty our wallets in the beginning of next year including, but not limited to: Splinter Cell: Conviction, Bayonetta, Dark Void, Mass Effect 2, and of course, BioShock 2.  Not only is the original one of the best games of this generation, it redefined the way stories can be told in video games, as well as helped pave the way for games as a form of art.  Beautiful, haunting, and unforgettable are just a few words that come to mind when remembering the beginning of BioShock.  Crashing into the ocean, climbing into a deserted lighthouse, and the Andrew Ryan narrated bathysphere introduction to the underwater utopia of Rapture are moments I will never forget.  The video below gives us a short glimpse into the first moments of BioShock 2, where you play as a Big Daddy prototype being hunted by a powerful creature called the Big Sister.

While this first glimpse into the familiar world of Rapture isn’t as iconic as the original, its palpable level of tension more than makes up for it.  BioShock 2 releases for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on February 9th, 2010.