Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Details Coming in December

It’s been a while since the new game in the Final Fantasy franchise Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII has been announced and not much has been told since then. However, the drought of information will soon end since starting December Square Enix will be going all out to promote the game in a variety of ways.

Lightning Returns is the third and final game in the Lightning Saga, starring the titular Lightning main character of Final Fantasy XIII. The game will try a lot of different things this time: Lightning will be the only party member and the game will be more action oriented, with an action battle system where actions will be tied to a specific button: some elements will still be time based, probably in the form of Quick-Time Events. The game’s story is set after Final Fantasy XIII-2: Lightning will only have 13 days to complete her quest and every action she undertakes is going to make loose or gain more time. The concept of time will be one of the main focuses in the game.

The game is slated for a generic 2013 release on both Ps3 and Xbox 360; like we said before the Square Enix marketing team is getting ready to release more info next month, using their official Facebook and Twitter accounts. Some small tidbits have also been revealed today: the game’s logo, so different from the usual Final Fantasy Logos, sports an emblem which will be having some significance during the game.