Unraveling the Cross-Platform Compatibility of DayZ

As gaming evolves, cross-platform play allows players to unite across different platforms. DayZ, a gripping post-apocalyptic survival game, has players wondering – “Is DayZ cross-platform?”

In this guide, we explore DayZ’s current cross-platform status, the developer’s stance, future possibilities, and how to stay updated on this topic.

Current Platform Landscape: Fragmented Player Base

Currently, DayZ is available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. However, it does not support cross-platform play, meaning players on different platforms cannot team up.

Each platform has its own dedicated player base and servers. This fragmentation stems from DayZ initially launching solely for Windows users during early access in 2018, before expanding to consoles.

Developer’s Interest in Cross-Play

Despite the lack of current support, there’s hope on the horizon. Bohemia Interactive, DayZ’s developer, has expressed interest in adding cross-platform compatibility between PC and console versions.

Cross-play has gained traction with games like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone embracing unified player bases across systems. This success could compel Bohemia to implement similar features in DayZ.

However, no concrete plans have been announced yet, as technical hurdles related to server stability and performance differences need to be overcome.

Future Possibilities and Updates

As cross-platform capability becomes the norm, Bohemia is considering a future DayZ update with this functionality. This could revolutionize how players interact in this survival horror game, allowing PC, Xbox, and PlayStation users to join the same servers and fight off zombies together.

Cross-play would enhance engagement, enabling gamers to compete or cooperate with friends on different consoles. It also means shared progress across devices for a seamless experience.

To stay updated on potential cross-play additions, follow DayZ’s official channels like their website, social media, and forums. Reddit communities also discuss rumors and speculations about future updates.

Platform Comparison Table

PlatformCross-Platform Support
Xbox OneNo
PlayStation 4No
PlayStation 5No
Xbox Series X/SNo

As shown, DayZ currently lacks cross-platform support across all available platforms.


Q: Is DayZ going cross-platform? A: No official announcement yet, but fans have requested it, and developers are interested.

Q: Can Xbox and PC players play DayZ together? A: No, cross-play is not supported between these platforms currently.

Q: Is DayZ on Xbox? A: Yes, it’s available for purchase on the Microsoft Store for Xbox One.

Q: How do you find friends on DayZ PC? A: Use the in-game server browser’s friend filter to team up and survive together.


While DayZ is not cross-platform yet, the developers have expressed interest in adding this feature. Cross-play would unite players across PC, Xbox, and PlayStation for an enhanced survival experience. However, implementation remains uncertain as technical challenges need to be addressed. Regardless of platform, DayZ offers an intense zombie survival adventure that requires players to scavenge, fight, and navigate hazardous environments. As the industry moves towards cross-platform compatibility, it’s likely only a matter of time before DayZ embraces this feature.