New One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 Gameplay Details

Despite some glaring omissions and some gameplay aspects not being of the highest quality, One Piece Pirate Warriors, developed by Omega Force and Published by Namco Bandai, is indeed one of the best games inspired by the manga series created by Eichiro Oda. And the sequel looks like it will be even better by adding quite a lot of features.

Among the already announced new features like a “What If” mode, more stage variety, more characters, new moves for returning characters and a more faithfully adaption of the original storyline, Omega Force has added the power of Haki, or Ambition, to all the character who wield it in the manga.

To further differentiate each character, not all characters will be able to use the same type of Haki: Luffy will be able to use the Conqueror Haki, allowing him to attack and stun all enemies surrounding him, Zoro will be able to use Armament Haki to improve his swordplay and his katanas while Enel will be able to use Observation Haki, allowing him to avoid attacks.

The characters who won’t be able to use Haki will have Style Actions at their disposal, both offensive and defensive, depending on the character: Nami and Nico Robin will have technical type Style Actions while Franky will have attacker style actions.

One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 will be released this March in Japan on Ps3 and PsVita: the game will be released in Europe this summer on Ps3. No news for a western Psvita release, highly unlikely given the console’s situation.