New Grand Theft Auto 5 Details Released

The stream of new information for the upcoming Rockstar open world game Grand Theft Auto 5 won’t be ending anytime soon: the latest details include more details on development, graphics, game length and more, coming from a recent press event.

The game is being developed at the same time for both Ps3 and Xbox 360, without any leading platform: these are the only two versions confirmed so far but it’s very likely a Pc version will come a few months after the console version. No news on a possible Wii U release, the console is still too young and Rockstar obviously doesn’t have any experience developing on it.

From a graphical point of view the game will look great, with a lot of attention for details so to create a realistic and believable world, a world where player may be able to immerse completely: the game had a lot of aliasing, which Rockstar already promised to fix in the coming months, and a stable frame rate.

As of now, character swapping won’t be available during free roaming and when you’re wanted but this may probably change as development goes on; multiple characters may mean multiple endings too and Rockstar did indeed confirm there’s going to be more than one ending.

On a final note, the game’s length will be similar to another Rockstar game, the western-themed Red Dead Redemption, clocking at around 25 hours: the developers felt that GTA 4 ended up being too long and wanted to make a shorter but more intense story.

More details are sure to follow in the next days. Grand Theft Auto 5 is scheduled for a Spring 2013 release.