DICE on Modern Warfare 2: “Snowmobiles are for Sissies”

When two developers are trying to get their games to the same audience, it’s common that the developers will begin to feel the heat and try putting the other game to shame. Upon viewing this video; it appears that Infinity Ward and DICE are in this situation.

DICE has appeared to have fired the first shot, making reference to a couple of Modern Warfare 2′s features through Bad Company 2′s single player campaign.

In the first clip you can hear one soldier saying “if this was a Snowmobile I’d take you down”, followed by a response that goes a little something like this:

“Well, this isn’t a Snowmobile. Snowmobiles are for sissies”.

During the second clip, the 4 main characters appear to be being briefed on their next mission. One of the soldiers suggests to discuss the situation with a person called “Drainwood”, the other soldier straight away disagrees with calling “Drainwood” because he fears he’ll just call “some special-ops guys” with heart monitors on their guns, just like the ones in Modern Warfare 2.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence….. Nah!

But seriously, it could well be, but as of now it hasn’t been “proven” that it really is aimed at Infinity Ward… So take sides and flame away.