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Tired of the same old video game site? Tired of waiting for a gaming community that’s run by gamers and not some giant corporation? We were sick of this too, that’s why we decided to create a hardcore gaming site made specifically for gamers, not for profit. We guarantee that every game we review is played from start to finish, giving you the most comprehensive reviews available. At Gamer Syndrome we probably even play the games a lot more than is necessary or safe for your health, but we are willing to take that great risk to give you what you deserve in a gaming site.

Not only do we put more love into our site than your grandmother puts in her cookies, we also have a thriving community of gamers. This means whenever you post, the people that argue with you will actually know what they are talking about for a change. We also take great care to weed out any members we feel are not beneficial to the community, which means there are no trolls, no spammers, and no opinionated little kids. Our team of admin and developers are also very active on the site, so you can talk directly to us and even ask us something as trivial as our favorite game, although the answer will always be Starcraft.

Don’t take my word for it though, this could just be a cleverly automated response targeting your emotions with references to Starcraft and your grandmother. If computers were that smart though, then this automated response could be the start to Skynet, just kidding, I hope. Why wait? Click on the link and check out our awesome community of gamers, developers and fans, and find out what you have been missing in a video game blog all along.

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