Xbox One $420 Dollars At Frys Until Until 4-10-14

Xbox One $420 Dollars At Frys Until Until 4-10-14

Update: The online sales to ship nationwide has now been restricted to in store only. Original story follows below.

The title says it all fokes,  Xbox One has been heavy discounted at Frys electronic store for $420 dollars plus tax for a limited time. According to Frys weekly add this also includes a download code for Forza 5 which makes the bundle even more alluring saving about 130 dollars when combined. To receive the discount you must make a account then add the Xbox One to your basket only then will the discount be viewable right before checkout. If you don’t have a Frys nearby they also ship products to you. The bundle which I verified was still in stock as of April 8th at 11:11 am PST time. If you have been on the fence about grabbing an Xbox One this might be the time to jump on it before its sold out.

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Do you plan on snatching up this deal let me know in the comments!

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