Video Game Crafts ‘N Gear #60: Super Mario Blanket, Ocarina of Time Tattoo, Fallout 3 Art

[Welcome again to Video Game Crafts ‘N Gear! This is a weekly feature wherein I shine the spotlight on three of the best custom-made, video game-inspired projects I’ve come across this week. Whatever the game and whether it’s art, crafts, toys, cosplay, animations or anything creative, if it’s awesome enough I’ll share with you wonderful readers!]

Super Mario Blanket

Christmas may be behind us, but for many there’s still quite a while of winter cold left to get through. Thankfully, you can take your Wii U GamePad to your bed. Gege Crochet on Blogspot no doubt warms up to this amazing Super Mario Bros. crochet blanket that she made for her lucky son’s birthday.

She says: “The blanket itself tells a story- if you start in the upper left hand corner and go right, then down and left, then down and right, then down and left, then down and right, you’ll indeed see that this was a quest for Mario.” The creativity that went into this is stunning.

Ocarina of Time Tattoo

For button-mashers, life was difficult for Ocarina of Time players. Everyone remembers the owl, Kaepora Gaebora, and his seemingly endless babble. And if you tried to speed through his lengthy speech, you would constantly hit the option to repeat the information. However, if he were to ask me, “Would you like to look at this tattoo again?” I would respond with “Yes, actually!”

Robert Bowling has this ingenious tattoo inked on his forearm. Just as the chatty bird rotates his head in the game, you can view the tattoo upside-down for an alternative version.

Fallout 3 Art

Has it really been almost six years since Fallout 3 launched? Really, that’s insane. But it’s not quite as unbelievable as Deviantart user PatrickBrown‘s recent art piece. The wasteland truly was one of the most raw, gritty and dangerous places I’ve had the pleasure of roaming in, and this piece encapsulates that perfectly.

We see a raider up against a deadly foe indeed, a Mutant Behemoth. You can feel the incoming force of that mountain of infected muscle as it charges forward; but the raider himself appears to be well-equipped. There are a ton of incredible intricate details littered in here too, with fallen victims, a bobble-head and a glowing bottle of Nuka Cola Quantum. Bethesda need to hurry up with Fallout 4.

To check out last week’s featured Crafts ‘N Gear, here’s the link for #59: NES Xbox One Controller, Piano-Controlled Tekken, Wonderful 101 Cosplay. You can find all our back articles here.

If you’ve seen or made anything cool that you’d like to see featured, leave us a comment or send me a tweet! You just might see your name credited next week.

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