Titanfall Remains The Gaming Titan


So, unless you’ve been hidden under an anti-gaming-news rock for the past month or so, I bet you a dozen credits that you have heard of a new game known as Titanfall. Yes, its the big boy of the year, the prize stallion of the Xbox One, the king of the multi-player 2014. Long story short, its one heck of a big deal. And, clearly, the game is not all just hype, as some previously feared.

In a recent release, the top purchased games have been revealed, with Titanfall easily beating out greatly anticipated games such as Dark Souls II and South Park: The Stick of Truth, as you can see below.

The game has become so popular and so desired, that its mere existence has boosted the sales of the Xbox One by a whopping 96%, giving the Xbox One a hopeful kick back into the console wars against the PlayStation 4 and their rival exclusives such as The Last of Us. This assuring confirmation of the game’s ongoing success is more than just a confidence boost for EA and Respawn Entertainment, and encourages them to put ever more effort into the game.

As it stands, the Titans have dropped, and gamers are loving the every minute of it. Keep it up Xbox!

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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