Super Game Jam: Documentary Explores 48 Hour Game Creations

Devolver Digital and filmmakers Bram Ruiter and Daniel Oliveira Carneiro,  bring to you a documentary encompassing five games made by ten people. This five episodic documentary follows some of the most bright and aspiring indie game developers, each with the same goal and end result. Bram Ruiter and Daniel Oliveira Carneiro walked five separate cities for six months capturing the events surrounding the expeditious development of a video game. They helped to create a compelling documentary dedicated to chronicling the joys and hardships these developers will go through when they compress the video game making process in a two day window, a window the world can look through to see this pain staking task first hand.

Super Game Jam pairs together two Indie game developers who have never worked together before over a 48 hour time period and challenges the team to create a game based on the suggestions of their peers. We can all agree that this is no small task these talented developers are undergoing.  The documentary will question and examine the creative process, artistic and creative restraints, as well as the friendships and bonds these five teams will test when passionately pursuing a common goal. Super Game Jam is about making something the world can enjoy and even though it might fail, it’s still being created, because creation is one of the main ways we all learn and evolve.

” The Game Jam is of great importance for the independent scene for this is that many game projects emerge. The documentary explores the collaboration between developers through thematic imposed . “says Daniel Oliveira Carneiro, co-director of the documentary  Super Game Jam .

Super Game Jam will be making five 30- 40 minute episodes available in the month of April and on. Each film will be paired with it’s corresponding game for download on Steam.


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