Sonic Boom Character Redesigns Discussed In New Interview

Sonic Boom Character Redesigns Discussed In New Interview

As some of you may be aware, Sonic the Hedgehog got a slight redesign recently. The previously teased and recently announced Sonic Boom, is an effort on SEGA’s part to start a new branding for the blue blur, by combining a toy line, a new television show and video game all into one conveniently cohesive little package.

The redesigns themselves have raised some eyebrows, from Knuckles substantial girth gain, to Sonic’s handkerchief,  the core Sonic gang (and extended family presumably) have all got a pretty severe tweak. While SEGA has made mention this isn’t “the next step” for Sonic and crew, it will act as an alternative to the main franchise, and be an on-going brand in the Sonic universe.

The visual tweaks are an effort on SEGA’s part to change things up with their speedy mascot, and it wasn’t until recently it was put into words why. In an interview done by, SEGA producer Stephen Frost talks about why they decided to go a different direction with the Sonic formula, and why Sonic Boom is a little different, and hopefully better received, than some of Sonic’s other outings in the past.

The interview is interesting for all fans of the fastest thing alive, and describes how the cross media contamination is going to work. Mr.Frost even goes as far to say the game and show’s story lines will interweave, but is mum with details on how it will work. SEGA’s recent agreement with Nintendo has guaranteed Sonic as a Nintendo exclusive, so expect to see Sonic Boom on the Wii U later this year, with a 3DS companion counter part to go along with it.

Check out the interview about Sonic Boom:

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