News: The Last of Us sequel on the rise?

News: The Last of Us sequel on the rise?

Designers of the extremely successful and esteemed franchise The Last of Us, Naughty Dog, have announced their consideration of developing a sequel to the first instalment. The post-apocalyptic zombie game came crashing into our stores to major critical acclaim and all around praise, celebrating its emotional depth, its innovative take on a zombie dominated universe,  and its intense action combat. So who wouldn’t really want yet another of a game at this level?

There are concerns that a sequel might diminish the franchise’s success, as has happened with many other games in the past, so designers are debating whether or not to release a full sequel, or instead a series of DLC’s not unlike The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC due for release next week. The wonder is if whether the best way to tell the story of the incredible protagonists in game is through yet another game itself, or through a progressive release of separate stories that will eventually converge into one. Although brainstorming ideas that could be developed into the sequel or potential DLC, Naughty Dog remain on the fence, and are determined to make the right decision for their acclaimed works.

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