A Link Between Worlds: Master Sword Triumph! The Master Ore Location Guide

Many of you seemed to like our recent guide-A Link Between Worlds: A Safe Guide to Smart Exploration. The reception was good enough to prompt me to write a follow up, and continue to dive into the dark secrets of Hyrule. Any Zelda game always boasts a ton to discover, ALBW non with standing. Hyrule has a lot of hidden nooks and crannies, and finding everything in ALBW is a tall task. Full well knowing this and wanting to help (being the dedicated Zelda nerd I am), I’m more than happy to lend a helping hand.

In a Link Between Worlds, like most other Zelda games, you will eventually receive the Master Sword. Unlike most other games, the Master Sword is not the greatest blade Link could possibly wield in order to vanquish evil…or even Navi (I wish). No, this time round, you are rewarded for your exploration with the chance to find Master Ore, an element that once gathered will not only greatly improve your blade, but will make it look incredible awesome. It’s worth a search, trust me. But if you did not know where to look, these treasures can be especially elusive. So keep a pointed ear out!

So, first thing’s first – Master Ore piece one.

The first ore can be found in the Thieves’ Hideout, a dungeon you must struggle through in Lorule. This one is fairly straight forward, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble locating the chest in which the ore is hidden. In the dungeon you will encounter the Thief Girl, who you will have to guide safely through the latter half of the dungeon. You’ll find yourself winding your way through a series of puzzles in which you must use Thief Girl to activate two switches at once – pretty simple right? Well, this is the first piece, mind you.

In the Basement of the dungeon, you’ll find a room filled with water, head to the southwest corner of that room once you’re there. On the way, there will be red and blue platforms that shift up and down as you hit nearby orbs. Again, fairly easy. You will be attacked by these blue crocodile enemies, so slay them quick as Link, and turn to your left. You’ll see two switches, solve it with the Thief Girl as you have every other switch puzzle so far.

Once activated, this wall behind you will whoosh away.

Follow the rupee trail, and ta-da! A shiny chest, with a piece of Master Ore waiting for you.

One down, three to go!

The next one is taunting you in plain sight, as it’s a large and obvious chest…but it’s cruelly out of your reach. This piece can be found in the Skull Woods dungeon, in one of the final rooms before facing the boss. There is a puzzle in which you have to collect two lost eyeballs, that look like this:

But in the next room, you will find these missing their scary red eyeballs, and you have to return them to their sockets. One of the eyeballs is far down at the end of the room. Follow the pathway down to the eyeball as if you were about to fetch it. Head outside, and you’ll appear outside in the open woods. Once you find yourself in the Lost Woods, cut away at every last grass patch you see. Once cut, several of these recently cut grass patches will reveal a hole that will lead you back to the room you were just previously in. There are several to discover, but only one leads to the chest. Head to the left to find the way down.

You’ll land on the right side of the dungeon below, while the chest rests to the right. So simply merge into the wall, saunter across, and happy days! The second piece! 

Now, with two pieces of Master Ore, you can take both to the Blacksmith that was your former teacher. He will look in amazement at the treasures you have found, awed by the potential blade he could forge. He demands the ore and your sword, and immediately gets to work. The Master Sword now deals more damage, and looks damned cool to boot.

But, we can get it better still! However, this is where it gets tricky. The Master Ore pieces are no longer free bees, and you’ll really have to work to get the last pieces. No worries…I’m here to help. For the third piece, you will need the Titan’s Mitt, which allows you to lift larger boulders. If you have it, head for the Sanctuary. Inside you will find a Lorule portal, which will take to to the Lorulean version of Dampe’s graveyard.

Once there, head to the eastern corner of the graveyard, where you will find a large brown boulder suspiciously circled by some fencing. Lift it away to reveal a hidden cave.

No danger inside really, minor enemies, the challenge here really lies in the cave’s obscured nature.  Once inside the mini-dungeon, climb to the second floor with the grate like flooring, and merge into the wall in order to reach the silver key hidden away to the right. Cue discovery music of course. Use the key on the nearby locked door, and head onward to your target. When you see a lever, pull it, avoid the falling snakes and head through the door at the top of the stairs. If you appear in this room, you’re in the right place.

From there, it’s a simple wall merge over a gap to a big chest, and inside? You guessed it. Master Ore piece three.

Now, this next piece is the one that drove me to insanity. You would never know where it was in a million years unless someone told you, or else you’d have to be some sort of Zelda genius! It is hidden deep within the Dark Palace, an already aggravating brutal dungeon to deal with.

On the second floor, you will find a large, open room with six windows shining light down into the darkness, if you’re there, you’re in the right spot. You will need to find this room in order to proceed through the dungeon, as you must blow up the barrings on the window to let precious light shine through. So do that, but don’t run from the room just yet.

In the centre are two switches that you must hit, and it would seem they simply make the nearby platforms rise and fall – but it’s a trick. Notice the mosaic picture of a white face, the mask of the Gemesaur King on the northern wall above the raised platform. Well, it’s more than just a pretty sight.

Leave a bomb by the southern switch, and rush up onto the northern platform to stand by the white mosaic. Merge into it, fast. And, as if by magic, the switch causes the wall to flip into a hidden room!


I’ve no idea how anyone would have discovered this of their own intuition! I had to go crawling to all my Zelda loving friends for help, and even they confessed struggling to find this secret. In the hidden room is of course, a large chest, and in that, your mission is at last complete: the fourth piece of the Master Ore! Cue that good old Zelda music!

With these two pieces at last in your hand, take them to the parallel blacksmith in Lorule, and his reaction to your new found treasures will be much the same as his Hyrulean counterpart. He’ll shriek and shout in awe, take both the sword and ore away, and return to you – free of charge I might add – a sword of legend. And there you have it Legend of Zelda lovers, your sword now truly deserves the name Master Sword, a golden and magnificent blade capable of killing near all enemies in one swift slash.

Beware Ganondorf!

 Hope you enjoy the new weaponry, and again, thanks for reading!


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