Double Fine Readies Itself For Another Amnesia Fortnight, Now With 100% More Adventure Time

Double Fine has continued to inspire indie developers with their innovation and creativity. From their wildly successful Kickstarter that got Broken Age off the ground, to their community driven efforts like their now infamous Amnesia Fornights, DF can’t really seem to do any wrong.

And now Double Fine is getting ready to do right all over again.

Following the rowdy success of their past Amnesia Fortnights, Double Fine has started up the 2014 edition of their wildly successful video game jams. The Amnesia Fortnights started as an internal project by Double Fine, to split their dev teams into several groups, and see which ones would come up with the best ideas for their next video game. A couple years back, Double Fine decided to include community support, so that gamers had a chance to vote on which game ideas they liked best.

This year, much like any other year, has  seen a fantastic array of wild video game concepts from the hallowed halls of Double Fine. With proposed game ideas like Eras of Adventure, which details point and click games through out the years, to Scavengers, a Day Z League of Legends experience, to Bad Golf 2 (premise unknown), Double Fine has no shortage of amazing game ideas to vote on. To sweeten the deal even more, Double Fine has invited along a special guest to host the Amnesia Fortnight, which will get a video series filmed by 2 Player Productions. The special guest in question is Pendleton Ward, creator of super popular cartoon series Adventure Time, who will also contribute his own prototype idea, on which you the player can vote to make a reality.

Like all Fortnights and Humble Bundles offer, you will have to vote with your wallet, but the good news is you won’t be walking away empty handed. Minor financal conribution will allow you to explore any of the protoypes up for winning, and beating the (currently $7 average) will net you access to Pendleton Ward’s very own prototype. For anyone feeling super generous, donate more than $35 bucks and you’ll receive access to all of the prototypes, and a special edition Blu Ray, with the video series, exclusive extras and more, only available through this bundle.

If you want to learn more, or just want me shut up and let Double Fine take your money, head on over to the Amnesia Fortnight page to make a difference.

Tim Schafer will love you for it.

Check out the launch trailer below:


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