4 Glitches And Trolls That Will Make You Smile On April Fools’ Day.

In the spirit of a good laugh I compiled a list of epic glitches and trolls that might make April Fools’ Day go a little better. These are some of my personal favorites that always make me laugh every time I watch them so I hope you enjoy. Hey at least this is better than somebody shattering your dreams of Shenmue HD collection right? Happy April Fools’ Day!

1.Lee from the Walking Dead plays COD:[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlWifGxIeck[/youtube]

2. Stake 3 is a glitch fest and that will make anyone smile: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qu_QbowB5iU[/youtube]

3. Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag Flying ships enough said:[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pQ_ZozZIio[/youtube]

4. Skyrim Get on my horse! I’ll take you ’round the universe: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awm6lNOpGq8[/youtube]

Bonus who doesn’t love a bunch of cats acting a fool? [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tntOCGkgt98[/youtube]

What do you think of the glitches do you have a favorite? Let me know in the comments.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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