Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Sunken King DLC Review

Genre: Action Role Playing Game

Platform:  PS3, Xbox 360, PC

Developer: From Software

Publisher: Bandai Namco

Release Date: July 22th 2014

As a huge fan of Dark Souls, I was actually disappointed in the more linear direction of Dark Souls 2. Getting lost in the huge open world of the first game was what made the game feel like a really adventure, where gamers really where placed in an ominous and dark world without any real help. It made the players feel disoriented and truly afraid of whatever lurked behind a door, a corner or anything else. This approach luckily has made a come back, in a smaller scope, in the first story DLC of Dark Souls 2, called Crown of the Sunken King. Players are thrown into a new location that doesn’t disorient gamers like the previous game but still provides enough thrills and dangers to make it feel like slightly different than the main game.

The overall difficulty level of the Crown of the Sunken King is higher than the rest of the game and not only because enemies themselves are tougher. Most of the times, you will be thrown into some really dangerous situations where the only thing you can do is die, if not prepared to face what’s hidden. To just make an example, there’s a cavern filled with skeletons and petrifying statues which is true hell. And you have no idea of what’s inside the cave before it’s too late. The DLC is filled with moments like this, adding a sense of dread while exploring the game that really feels nice.

Speaking about enemies, there are some new ones which are a really pain to deal with as well as some reskinned ones from the main game which are way thougher. The way they are placed in the game makes deal with them even tougher, something that Dark Souls fans will definitely appreciate, as the DLC has clearly been designed for series veterans and for those who have already mastered the main game.

The Crown of the Sunken King DLC also includes some puzzles which are not too complicated but are nicely integrated in the gameplay experience. Most of the times solving one will also alter the environment, giving puzzles a real purpose.

As we already mentioned, the new Dark Souls 2 DLC includes a brand new area to explore. Unfortunately the area doesn’t look as good as others of the main game. It starts nicely, that’s for sure, but then you are left with the feeling that the area has been made to look grim and haunting only for the sake of it. It doesn’t feel like there could have been more to this location before the events of the game, it doesn’t feel like it has a history.

The Dark Souls 2 Crown Of The Sunken King DLC is definitely a great start for the new campaign. Gameplay wise, it’s still Dark Souls 2 with some new additions and a slightly different level progression, which is made better by the way enemies and puzzles have been placed inside the location itself. If you have loved Dark Souls 2, you really have no reason to not get the DLC. If you prefer the Dark Souls approach, there’s nothing in the DLC that will make you like Dark Souls 2 more.

[xrr rating=8/10]

 8 out of 10 

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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