Child Of Light Review

Genre: Role Playing Game

Platform: Playstation 3

Developer: Ubisoft

Publisher: Ubisoft

Release Date: April 29th, 2014 (North America), May 2nd 2014 (Europe)

Child Of Light is really a rare beast in the current gaming world, which is filled with games aiming to be as realistic as possible. It’s almost as if developers have forgotten how we’re supposed to live through something that actually cannot exist, to experience something that can only be experienced in dreams. Child Of Light is even more surprising considering that it’s been developed by one of the publishers that mostly publishes some of these “way too realistic titles” like Ubisoft. This time, however, the publisher has decided to give us something that’s really extraordinary, unique and incredibly beautiful.

Child Of Light is a role playing game that’s been clearly inspired by classic Japanese games. Everything about it, from the beautiful presentation to the engaging gameplay experience, is just so masterfully crafted that it’s impossible to put the game down until it’s sadly over.

Main character of the game is Aurora, the daughter of a Duke who finds herself lost in a magical land that goes by the name of Lemuria. This magical land is under the curse of an evil queen and it will be up to Aurora to put an end to this. The fairy tale setting is enhanced by the unique writing, which is all in rhyme. This works for the most part of the game, with the exception of some akward moments that feel a bit forced. It’s nothing too big, but the most attentive players will surely recognize these moments.

A story wouldn’t be a good one with a great set of characters. In this regard, Child Of Light definitely delivers, as all of Aurora’s companions come with some unique personalities that make the whole world and story really charming. I won’t be telling much about the story for not spoiling it for you, but I can assure you that it manages to be engaging from beginning to end even without including some unexpected twist. It’s a classic role playing game story and it does it job really well.

As if the setting and characters weren’t charming enough, the gameplay experience of Child Of Light is also really well crafted. Just like other role playing games, you will be exploring some locations and encounter several monsters and adversaries that only want to put an end to Aurora’s journey. Exploration is done in a side-scrolling fashion, with Aurora moving from left to right and vice-versa to uncover the secrets of each location. There are some small puzzles here and there that are neither too simple nor too complicated: they compliment the exploration sequences well without compromising the fun factor, which is always there from the beginning to the very end of the game. Exploration is also made more satisfying by the many secrets and collectibles scattered throughout the game’s world.

The battle system is just as good as the rest of the game. In classic role playing game fashion, you will be battling enemies in a turn based battle system. Each one of the characters and enemies are represented in a bar found in the lower part of the screen. Each action will require a certain amount of time to be performed. Needless to say, the game allows players to manipulate time so that actions can be delayed and more. It’s a system that requires a bit of adjustment early on, but becomes second nature in just a few hours.

The excellent battle system is complemented well by the growth system. All the playable characters have a complex skill tree that allows deep customization. Better yet, characters level up really quickly, making new skills and abilities available every three, four battles. This design choice allows the battle to never go stale and become boring, since you will have something new to try out every few battles.

Last, but not least, the game’s presentation is really top notch. Child Of Light uses the same graphical engine used in recent Rayman games and it shows, since the 2D graphics looks beautiful. Really, the screenshots don’t do justice to the graphics, which look wonderful while in motion. Child Of Light is definitely one of the best looking games of the year, and that says it a lot, considering the game is not a Triple A title with a huge budget behind it. The same can be said for the soundtrack, which complements the world and setting really nicely.

Child Of Light is a great role playing game that will charm you with its unique setting and gameplay experience. In an era when games try to be as realistic as possible, it’s really refreshing to see such a title getting released. If you’re a fan of role playing games, you will definitely not be disappointed by this title, even though it’s a bit on the short side, lasting around 20 hours. Those who have never played a RPG before may also love this game, as it doesn’t include the tedium that often comes with longer games. One of the best games of 2014 without a doubt.


  • Beautiful presentation
  • Excellent exploration and battle system
  • Growth system allows for deep customization
  • Great pacing


  • None!

[xrr rating=10/10]

10 out of 10 

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