Toukiden Kyoku New Screenshots Showcase New Weapons

A new batch of screenshots is now available for Toukiden Kyoku, the second entry of the Toukiden series launching later this year in Japan on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Portable.

The new screens, available at the end of this post, showcase the new weapons that have been recently detailed – the Naginata, Kanabo and Gun weapons. All the three weapons come with some really powerful special techniques that will make players life easier in the game and help them taking down the new huge monsters included in the game.

Toukiden Kyoku is going to sport several new features that will end up improving the gameplay formula of the first game. Together with the new weapons and characters, players will find some all new monsters that cannot wait to tear a hole inside the poor Slayers. All the monsters from the first game will also be back in full force, featuring some new moves that will make them more dangerous than before.

Toukiden Kyoku launches on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Portable in Japan later this year. A Western release has yet to be confirmed but there’s a good chance that the game will eventually been released, considering the first game did nicely in the West.

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