Titanfall Frontier’s Edge Release Date Confirmed, Coming Next Week

Respwan and EA have finally confirmed the release date for the new Titanfall DLC pack, Frontier’s Edge. The pack will be released on Xbox One and PC next week, on July 31st. The Xbox 360 version of the DLC pack will be released on a yet to be confirmed release date.

The Titanfall Frontier’s Edge DLC pack includes three new maps called Dig Site, Haven and Export. The three maps include some unique features that will further expand the gameplay experience of Respawn’s first person shooter.

A recent batch of Titanfall screenshots has been released not too long ago, showcasing two of the three maps included in the new DLC pack. Make sure to check them out to see what awaits you and your mech next week.

The Frontier’s Edge DLC will not be the only DLC pack coming in the future for the game. Another one has been released not too long ago, alongside free updates that have introduced new features to the game.

Titanfall is now available on Xbox One, PC and Xbox 360. Even though the game has been designed for new hardware, the Xbox 360 version is incredibly well done, thanks to Bluepoint Games’ hard work.


Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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