Tales Of Zestiria New Livestream To Be Aired On August 22nd

Tales Of Zestiria New Livestream To Be Aired On August 22nd

Another livestream will be aired later this month for Tales Of Zestiria, the latest entry of the Bandai Namco JRPG series launching on a yet to be confirmed release date exclusively on PlayStation 3.

The new livestream will be aired on August 22nd from 8:00 pm Japan Time. Present during the event will be series producer Hideo Baba and the Viva Tales Of magazine editor in chief Shushuke Toshima.

The previous Tales Of Zestiria livestream has been aired last week, showcasing the new battle system for the first time. Players will be able to fight enemies right where the enemy symbol is encountered. It will also be possible to alter the terrain with some special skills so to gain a sound advantage during battles.

A Tales Of Zestiria magazine scan released last week also showcased the four different fusions that Sorey will be able to use in the game. Each of the fusions comes with a specific element and special artes. As of now only Sorey has been confirmed to be able to fuse with other characters but there’s a good chance that the other human character of the game, Alisha, will be able to fuse just like Sorey.

Tales Of Zestiria will be released on a yet to be confirmed release date on PlayStation 3. The game has already been confirmed for the West but has yet to be dated.


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