Tales Of Zestiria New Character Revealed, New Gameplay Details Confirmed

A new character has been revealed for Tales Of Zestiria, the newest entry of the Tales of series launching on a yet to be confirmed release date in all regions.

The new character has been confirmed by the latest issue of Shonen Jump. The new character will be called Matron, a female knight who is also Alicia’s teacher. The powerful knigth is also known as the Blue Valkyrie and will apparently play a rather large role in the game’s story.

The magazine has also confirmed some new gameplay details. As many have speculated in the past few months, Tales Of Zestiria battles will happen right where the player encounter the enemies on the field. This means that the terrain itself will influence the battle in some ways. Some actions will also be available for use on the maps, which will have some consequences on the surroundings. These new gameplay details are really exciting and show how the team is trying to innovate the series in a really interesting way.

Tales Of Zestiria is currently in development for PlayStation 3 and will launch on yet to be confirmed dates in all regions. The game will most likely be released during 2015.


Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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