Roller-Coaster Tycoon 4 Announced But Not to Cheers of Joy

At one point or another, we all played Roller-coaster Tycoon. We were able to create our own brilliant, creative, and often deathly roller-coasters, ones that only our imaginations could conceive, and set them within our own theme park – obviously the most successful and popular park out there if you played your rides right. We all loved this game, getting the chance to create roller-coasters the real world could not offer.

So, with such intense popularity behind the game, why would developers, Atari, not strive for countless sequels? Roller-coaster Tycoon has now seen 3 instalments, on various formats and consoles, and each has been well received.

But, this time round, fans are not so sure. Atari have announced that the fourth instalment, Roller-Coaster Tycoon 4, is being designed for IOS Devices, and will be available on the App Stores. A valid idea, it would seem, with the growing success of apps and phone based games.

However, loyal fans of the franchise are outraged, and have accused Atari of wasting and ruining such an anticipated and beloved game. The announcement of the game, on Youtube, was seen to have received only 35 likes, and a whopping 1,192 dislikes, a long with a wide range of outraged comments from angered fans.

Atari have yet to respond to this controversy of format choice, and have left fans to boil out their rage until a solution or a compromise can be found.

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