PlayStation Exclusive RPG Natural Doctrine Gets A New Gameplay Video

A new gameplay video is now available for the PlayStation consoles exclusive role playing game Natural Doctrine.

The video, available here, is a game guide video that gives viewers some basic information about the game’s setting and gameplay mechanics. Even though the video is only available in Japanese, is a very interesting view for all interested gamers.

Natural Doctrine is a fantasy simulation role playing game featuring both single and multiplayer modes. The multiplayer modes include both competitive and cooperative play.

The game’s main character, Jeff, will be accompanied by two girls called Vasilisa and Anca. The three live in the city of Feste, a fortified city that’s been built to protect the human race against the monsters living in the world. Humans have been waging war against these creatures for centuries but never have been able to eradicate them for good.

In order to survive, humans often venture outside the city to harvest resources. Jeff himself is a guard that gets sent to conquer a goblin den in order to secure some important resources. From there, the battle for survival for Jeff and his friends will begin.

Natural Doctrine will release on April 3rd in Japan on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game has yet to be confirmed for a Western release.


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