Pachter: Sony “Kicking Butt”, Thinks Microsoft Should Respond With A Kinectless Xbox One

Out spoken Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter always seems to has some video game based speculation to keep the fires of fan chat alive. The man has been in the industry for years, and despite some slightly inconsistent analysis, Pachter has become quite the figure in looking to the future and what he believes is the next step in video games.

On his most recent episode of Pach-Attack! Mr.Pachter shared a sentiment he has mentioned in the past: Microsoft release an Xbox One with the Kinect bundled in. After seeing some sales numbers and the general domination by Sony since the holidays, he feels it would be highly beneficial to release an Xbox One without the oft hated add on sooner than later:

” I think the big potential change is to unbundle Kinect. if they unbundle Kinect, I’m not sure that’ll necessarily mean a different Xbox One.If you think through what Kinect does and what it’s necessary for…it’s (only for some Kinect related software that) I don’t think very many people really bought them or care, except Dance Central on the Xbox 360 and Kinect Sports.”

Pachter continued his rant with the obvious, citing the $100 price difference as a huge make or break for the Xbox One in the long run. He argued that the Xbox One did not indeed equate to $100 greater value, but that the Kinect itself represents the sole price difference.

“Microsoft needs to get rid of Kinect and get the price down to 400 now, or Sony’s gonna beat them. I think Microsoft cares enough that they’ll probably consider a price cut, and the only way they can do a price cut is to unbundle Kinect. So that I think may happen. I would not expect that in the first half of 2014.”

With Pachters observations Sony is “kicking butt”, and that Microsoft has an easy out in competing price wise, it does beg the question whether or not Microsoft has considered the very same. The Kinect does make the Xbox One experience more enjoyable (I can attest), but is it really worth the extra $100 that stretches an already thin budget even thinner? And would Microsoft see a huge sales jump if people could buy their next gen system sans the somewhat superfluous technology?

An Xbox One SKU without a Kinect may answer that very question.

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