New Resident Evil On The Way?

The Resident Evil series has seen better days. Ever since creative visionary Shinji Mikami left Capcom, the iconic survival horror series seems to have had a bit of difficulty moving on without him. Whether or not you’re an old school fan who prefers the tank controls, or a more recent fan who sings the praise of Resident Evil 4, many agree Capcom needs to recapture what made Resident Evil great, once upon a time.

Whether the series is truly doomed without the guiding light of Mikami remains to be seen, but that won’t stop Capcom from trying to revive the feelings of excitement surrounding the series. Earlier this week over on Capcom Unity, a request was made for the Capcom fan base to send in their favorite Resident Evil memories over on Capcom’s Facebook page. Capcom is advertising the chance for people to be in an “upcoming game”, but considering the subject material surrounding the fan inquiry, it’s safe to say the unannounced project is indeed the next Resident Evil experience.

Taking a quick browse through the comment section, I’m not surprised at all to see so many outpouring memories in regards to the PS1 saga of Resident Evil titles. Whether it be the mention of  a Jill Sandwich, how unstoppable the Nemesis was, or the harrowing adventures of Leon and Claire through the RCPD, many of the fans are singing the praises of the old school series in all of their gory glory.

I feel as if many of the fans are definitely fixated on their times with RE2, which makes complete sense. Even in the mass popularity of the Resident Evil series, RE2 stands out as an incredibly memorable experience for even non-fans of the series, representing the height of gaming quality in the late 90’s. Given the amazing mix of visuals and gameplay, in conjunction with the two character scenario that made RE2 infinitely replayable, I hope Capcom takes note of what fans are saying, and not just pointlessly raising hype for the next Michael Bay train wreck Resident Evil 7 may turn out to be.

I know Capcom probably already has “solid” plans with what they want to do with 7, but I hope they completely surprise all of us with something unexpected. I remember when the Resident Evil: Remake came out on the Gamecube, despite the systems lack of overall popularity and the older game design, the RE:Remake ended up being one of the best reviewed games that year, and also a regular pick for best survival horror game for years to come. I’m under the impression Capcom needs to recapture the spirit of Resident Evil in order to forge ahead, and what better way to restart the series than to remake a classic game?

I’m likely just going to raise hopes with this and will find myself disappointed along with many older fans, but imagine if Capcom wowed us by announcing a Resident Evil 2 remake at E3 this year? Think of it much like the remake of the first game on the Cube, altered in all the right ways. With upgraded visuals, expanded content but an intact core gameplay experience, the RE2: Remake really could put Capcom back into a positive light, and perhaps even give them a fighting chance when Mikami’s own survival horror gem, The Evil Within, makes it’s thrilling debut.

If nothing else, the success of Revelations, both on the 3DS and re-released on the consoles, should help reinforce my sentiments there are plenty out there who want to put the evil back in their Resident Evil games.

Speculation aside, I hope even if we don’t see a RE2: Remake, Capcom gives us a game more resembling Resident Evil 4 than 6, when the new one finally launches. If you want a chance to wax nostalgic and let fellow fans and Capcom know why you use to love Resident Evil, head on over to their Facebook page and let them know what you think.

In closing, I’ll share one of my favs: “Nobody’s going to leave my town! EVERYONE’S GONNA DIE!”~Chief Irons

(Source: Capcom Unity. Header image by deviantart user UxianIII)


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