New Item Revealed For Super Smash Bros By New Screenshot

A new screenshot is now available for Super Smash Bros, the new entry of the Nintendo exclusive series launching before the end of the year in all regions on Wii U and 3DS.

The new screenshot, which has been posted on Miiverse by Masahiro Sakurai, reveals a brand new item that will be available during the game, an item inspired by the classic shooter game Galaga.

Pic of the day. If you get caught in the Boss Galaga item’s tractor beam, it will carry you away to the top of the screen. You can shoot it down, but it won’t join you in battle for double the firepower.

Yesterday a new Super Smash Bros 3DS exclusive stage has been confirmed by some new screenshots. The new stage is a Paper Mario inspire stage which will be made of Paper and sport some really unique features.

Super Smash Bros will be released during October on 3DS and on a yet to be confirmed Winter date on Wii U. Both versions of the game will include the same character roster but slightly different content, like an exclusive single player mode for the 3DS version of the game, different stages and much more. The core gameplay experience will also be the same on both versions.

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