King Dedede Added To Super Smash Bros, New Screenshots Released

Yet another new Super Smash Bros. character has been confirmed today through a new batch of screenshots. King Dedede, Kirby’s long time nemesis, will be available as a playable character in the upcoming game for the  Wii U and 3DS .

As fans of Kirby could expect, King Dedede will join the fight with his terrifying wooden mallet of might. Don’t judge the King by his appearance, though, as he’s surely going to put up quite a fight.

The new Super Smash Bros game has been in development for some time. and has only been official confirmed during last year’s E3.

Masahiro Sakurai and his team, have stated on numerous occasion that want to create the best game possible. For this reason, they have been working very hard, and taking the extra time needed to try and hone the game to near perfecting. Judging by the release footage and screenshots, it looks like they’re trying as hard as they can to keep their promises.

Aside from Dedede, Princess Zelda was recently confirmed as a playable fighter, returning from to the fray following her past successful incarnations. Much liker her prior Smash outings, she will not be in need of rescue, as she comes fully equipped with armor and a serious attitude, ready to kick some virtual butt. Joining her from The Legend Of Zelda series will of course be her male counter part Link, and his goofy doppleganger Toon Link, ready to defend the honor of Hyrule once more.

Super Smash Bros will launch later this year on Wii U and 3DS, with both games featuring some individualized and exclusive content.


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