It’s Time To Die: A New Dark Souls II Trailer Is Available

Dark Souls II is one of the most anticipated games of 2014 and not without good reason. From Software’s action role playing game series has been quite successful ever since the release of Demon’s Soul thanks to its incredible atmosphere and though, but fair, gameplay experience.

Dark Souls II will expand on the gameplay formula of its predecessors offering more haunting locations, fearsome enemies and new ways to die. For dying in Dark Souls’ world is not the end, just a new beginning.

From Software has just released a new video for the game, showcasing Draglake and some of the bosses that live in the kingdom’s ruins. In Dark Souls II you will play as one of the Cursed, turning into an undead if you die. This comes with a few penalties, though, so it’s always better to stay alive at all times. Which is a pretty obvious advice.

If you have never played a game of the series, shame on you, as it’s one of the most hardcore experience a gamer can have right now. You can learn more about Dark Souls II by reading our own preview of the game.

Dark Souls II will launch on March 11th on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The PC version of the game will launch some time after the console ones.


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