Far Cry Classic On The Horizon

Far Cry Classic On The Horizon

Fans of Jack Carver, ridiculous draw distances and stalking foes real style, rejoice! Ubisoft has recently announced that the fps classic Far Cry will be released in the US on February 11th.

This news follows a long drought of info on the title, with Ubisoft mentioning the game’s existence way back in June, and then promptly stopped talking about the game. Whether or not Far Cry got lost in the white noise of the next gen remains a mystery, but players of this long over due fps favorite will finally see release on both PSN and XBLA, but only for the PS3 and Xbox 360. All of the original features will be included in the game, along with online multiplayer, overhauled HD graphics, and of course the complimentary trophy and achievement support no arcade game would be without.

It’s crazy to think that this game launched originally almost ten years ago. The series has certainly come a long way since it’s original inception, but that’s not to say the first game itself didn’t set some serious standards. Not only did Far Cry act as the launching point for what would become one of the PC markets more prolific studios (Crytek), but the game also helped to showcase the CryEngine, which would become a benchmark of visual bravado for all other PC engines (and subsequently the games involved) for years to come.

Not to mention, pouncing out off the bushes to kill an unsuspecting guard is just cool as hell.

Far Cry will release on February 11th for PS3 and the 360 digitally for $9.99.

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