Drakengard 3 “Zero” DLC Gets Some Brand New Screenshots

Drakengard 3 “Zero” DLC Gets Some Brand New Screenshots

Drakengard 3, the latest entry of the action role playing game series published by Square Enix, has received today its final story DLC, featuring the game’s main character Zero.

To mark the release, a new batch of screenshots has been released, showing a younger Zero and her dragon Mikhail deal with an event of her past which has deeply influenced the Intoner. The screenshots also show some action sequences.

With the release of the Zero DLC, all of the Drakengard 3 story DLC have been released in Japan. Even though they have to be yet announced for the Western release of the game, there’s no doubt that they will surfaced for North America and Europe sometime after the game launches in these territories.

The previous DLC released for the game allow gamers to control the other Intoners, who are the main antagonists of the game’s story campaign and play quite differently from Zero . By completing the extra campaigns, players will also be able to earn a special weapon.

Drakengard 3 is now available for PlayStation 3 in Japan. The game will launch physically and digitally in North America and digitally only in Europe sometime during May. A limited collector’s edition will be available in both regions.


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