Dead Rising 3 The Last Agent DLC Now Available On Xbox Live

Dead Rising 3 The Last Agent DLC Now Available On Xbox Live

The final DLC pack for Dead Rising 3, called The Last Agent, is now available on Xbox Live.

The DLC’s release date hasn’t been announced in the past few days so this release is definitely a welcome surprise for all the fans of the latest entry of the Capcom open world series.

The DLC, just like the three already available right now, include six new weapons, one new vehicle and extra story missions. The main character of the new scenario is Brad Park, a ZDC agent who finally discovers the truth about the organization he works with.

The Last Agent DLC is part of the game’s Season Pass, which allows gamers to purchase the four DLCs for a slightly reduced price. Considering how the previous three add ons have been somewhat disappointing, the Season Pass is probably not worth its price.

Dead Rising 3 is one of the Xbox One launch titles. Its gameplay experience builds upong the one featured in the previous entries of the series, adding several new gameplay elements that make it one of the most engaging Xbox One titles currently available.

Dead Rising 3 is now available exclusively on Xbox One. With the release of The Last Agent DLC, all the planned DLCs for the game are now availabl for purchase.

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