Archeage Founder Packs Now Up For Sale

XLGames have recently started selling Founders packs for their Town-building Fantasy MMORPG Archeage. Only one of the packs allow access to the Korean MMO’s alpha but all the rest guarantee a spot in the games Beta. The packs will all have various perks, gliders, armor etc. and prices range from €44.99 ($49.99) to €134.99 ($149.99) which is quite pricey when you consider that you’re buying into a beta and not a full game.

The pricing structure is as follows:

  • Silver €44.99 ($49.99) The very base price, gives you access to the beta, 2,500 credits, the title of “founder”, a 30 day patron status and an experimental glider.
  • Gold €89.99 ($99.99)- The middle ground, gives you beta access, 7,500 credits, the title of “traveler”, 60 day patron status, 10 Evenstones, 10 Hereafter stones, Glass pheonix Glider and Desert Assassin armor.
  • Archeum €134.99 (149.99) – The highest value, gives you Alpha and Beta Access, 11250 credits, the title of “Trailblazer”, 90 day patron status, 6 Daru chests,10 Evenstones, 10 Hereafter stones, Glass pheonix Glider, Desert Assassin armor, Reagents to put your crest in-game, 10 pet healing potions and a Founders Cloak.

*all of the above include a four day Patron head start.

If you find yourself asking “This is great and all, but what the heck is Archeage?” then be sure to check here on the games website and watch the trailer below.[youtube][/youtube]

Will you be buying any of the founders packs or will you just wait ’till the game comes out of beta?  Make sure to let us know in  the comments below!

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