Serious Sam Double D XXL Hits XBLA on February 20th

The latest adventure Serious Sam is embarking upon might be a bit different to what you might have expected. Serious Sam Double D XXL is a side scrolling co-op shoot em up, developed by Mommy’s Best Games. Among the new features this crazy mix is introducing to the franchise are the Gunstacker, a new system that allows you to fire all your guns at once. Another new thingamajig is the jump pad, a piece of technology that allows you to leap from place to place and get a leg up on your enemies.

“The Serious Sam fans have been great to us so we’re all pretty excited to bring the madness of Serious Sam Double D XXL to a new audience through Xbox LIVE Arcade,” said Nathan Fouts, founder and lead designer at developer Mommy’s Best Games.


* One gun sometimes not enough? Two still too wimpy? Try firing all your guns at once with the GUN STACKER system!

* Two-Player Local Cooperative Play – Huff will be the second playable character! He’s that crazy guy from the Gunstacker video! 21 Campaign levels with 3 Sam-insane vehicle levels!

* Gunstacker Upgrades – Shotguns that fire a horde of bees, Prism Lasers, the return of Serious Sam’s trademark Cannon and much more! Over 30 new guns to fire!

* New Enemies in glorious 2D! Fight fire-belching TORCHER KITTIES, exploding-banana shooting CHIMPUTEES, evil pancakes known as VUVUZELATORS!

* Corpse-Piling Technology! Sometimes the best way out is up–on dead monster CORPSES!

* Jump Pad technology: Anywhere, ANYTIME throw a jump-pad and get a leg up!

* SECRETS and ACHIEVEMENTS galore, find new max health upgrades, ammo, armor, extra weapons and even comedy secrets!

* Unlock 12 CHALLENGE ROOMS such as 4 chainsaw fights, and post your scores on the official LEADERBOARDS! 

* Unlock 6 HEAD-TO-HEAD Arenas and teach your friend who’s boss with a laser rifle stack!


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