Xbox Live Gold Family Pack No Longer Available

Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox Live Gold Family Pack is no longer available for purchase, after several people noted its disappearance earlier this month.

“The Family Gold offer is no longer available for purchase,” a company representative told Joystiq. “The Family Center experience with settings management, allowance granting, child activity reports and family subscriptions management are still available for current Family Gold members at this time.”

Asked about the reasoning behind this decision, he replied: “We continually evaluate our business focus and work to offer services that make the most sense for our customers and Xbox.”

The Family pack was originally introduced in November 2010 and was a $99 bundle that included four year long Gold memberships for four family members, along with functions to monitor and control each family member’s content purchasing and viewing settings via the Family center.

The Xbox LIVE Gold Family Pack gives you four 12-month Gold memberships for less than the price of two. You can easily convert an existing Xbox LIVE Gold membership, or you can sign up for a new Xbox LIVE account and Gold Family Pack membership.

Note You will get a discount on your Gold Family Pack membership if you have time remaining on your existing Gold membership.

With the Gold Family Pack, you can:

  • Give family members an allowance of Microsoft Points to redeem for films, games and more.
  • Manage your family memberships, activities and Family Settings from the Family Centre.
  • Sign in to and view your family‚Äôs activity on Xbox LIVE.

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