Why Is Kinect Forced Upon Us? Michael Pachter’s Reasonable Take On The Oft Asked Gaming Question

Michael Pachter is no stranger to controversy, being an analyst in any field is going to gain you some ire from fervent fans and the obsessively involved. Despite this, his regular show on Gametrailers: Pach Attack takes a small look from the middle man with opinions on video games at large.

This week, Pach tackled an issue that has receieved even more negative feedback than he does on a regular basis: Kinect. More specifically, Michael Pachter fields the question “Why is Kinect forced upon us?”; and his answer is surprisingly sound.

In an answer to a user asking why Microsoft continues to force feed gamers the Kinect despite an obvious disinterest, Pach responds with:

“I think if the Kinect were free, you wouldn’t be asking this question…so that’s the problem. Your math is perfect, there are 50 million people who did not buy Kinect, who don’t understand why they want to buy Kinect, yet out of those 50 million, they’re all probably considering buying an Xbox One, and they don’t understand why they have to pay one hundred bucks more to get a Kinect.”

I think Pach is spot on here. The Kinect was late to the hardware party this gen, and never materialized the software to be a proven contender for people’s hard earned cash. However, the device was still optional, so Microsoft didn’t have to force it upon gamers who weren’t convinced it was needed. With the Xbox One, it’s now mandatory by cost, but not reasonable by value. Many gamers still don’t know why they want a Kinect, and many others who play all the time can’t be convinced Kinect is relevant anyways.

I think Microsoft’s last faux pas with the Xbox One is the lack of a core Xbox One bundle, sans the Kinect. If MS took the reasonable observation Pach has laid out here by offering a $399 version of the Xbox One, without the Kinect, their potential user base would sky rocket. One other perspective, also brought up by Pachter, is if the price for the X1 was $399, and Kinect was considered a “freebie”, then at least gamers would then possible take consideration to try it, and possibly give back in software sales down the road.

This week’s episode of Pach Attack also deals with Don Mattrick leaving to Zynga, and how much money Valve makes on it’s sales. An interesting episode, and one worth watching if you have a spare moment.

Take a look.

(Via Gametrailers)

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