Rumors Place Xbox One Launch Date On November 8th

With hype for the next gen reaching massive levels, any information regarding the PS4 or Xbox One is welcomed with open arms.

The most recent bit of information, comes to us through a rumor via Kotaku. While we all know the PS4 launch date has been nailed down for November 15th, Microsoft has remained suspiciously quiet about when their next gen console would launch. According to some info digging by Kotaku, a source from a marketing company that handles signage for Wal*Mart, has passed a long an email with a picture seemingly confirming the Nov 8th date as the Xbox One Launch Window.

The picture in question (click to enlarge):

This possibility of release date is exciting, as it reminds us of how close we are to Sony and Microsoft dropping the big ones. Upon further inspection of the photograph in question, you will notice the X1 midnight is the only non-confirmed one out of the bunch. This indicates the date is not finalized, and could implicate Microsoft in being hesitant in announcing the actual date.

I speculate Microsoft will (and wants) to get the drop on Sony by beating them to market, even if by a week. The only thing that may be stopping MS from sealing the deal for the November 8th Midnight Launch, is assessing how much stock of the Xbox One they currently have to meet demand.

November draws near, and Sony and Microsoft are poised to take gamers by storm, when both the PS4 and Xbox One finally launch.

(Via Kotaku)

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