New Dead Rising 3 Footage From PAX Prime

A new convention means more gaming, and PAX Prime has already given us some gaming goodies to gawk at.

Along side some other heavy hitters Microsoft has shown at PAX, Dead Rising 3 made the cut for some new gameplay footage for gamers to delight in. One of the more hotly anticipated launch titles for the Xbox One, any new videos on the open world zombie madness of DR3 has been well received, and thoroughly enjoyed.

One of the key elements the MS reps wanted to emphasize at the PAX showing was the massive open world, and the lack of load times throughout. Not only did the demo men claim the frame rate and graphical power of DR3 had been improved from 2, but that the game would not suffer load times despite the world’s size. This, in conjunction with cramming more than 3 times the amount of zombies on screen from Dead Rising 2, and you have yourself a massive experience for eager zombie fans to bite into.

Other than a reaffirmation of some Dead Rising staples (customization, improv weaponry,  special physical attacks), we saw some cool improvements to the formula. One example was a self-defense move, which involved shooting a zombies head off while being grappled. Other new features included combining food on the fly for special attributes when consumed, a reformatted and easily navigable clothing closet, and another look at Smartglass integration, which looks to compliment the gameplay, rather than control it.

We also see a dual-weldable quad shot gun, some light sabers, and the ability to go Street Fighter all over an unsuspecting horde of the undead.


Check out the gameplay video in full, to see all the awesomeness that is Dead Rising 3.


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